Raise your hand if you love adding a versatile piece into your wardrobe?! 🙋 Don't we all just love when we can wear something in our closet in more than one way? All too often, I find myself grabbing pieces that can only be dressed up or only casual, which doesn't help too much when you're wanting to spend less and have less in your closet. I work for a major fashion company, and I'm surrounded by clothes every day, so I've learned many lessons on how to choose the right pieces that are going to be versatile in your closet.

Today, I'm sharing my favorite black mock neck dress that I purchased and styled here last year, and this year, I'm showing you how you can wear it four different ways. I actually just styled a client earlier this week with this dress and we came up with these four ways to style it, and she was in love with every single look, and I hope you will be, too!

First up, just the dress by itself! Don't forget, you can just wear a simple outfit--especially as a classic transition outfit. Sometimes, less is more, but then other times you want to be a little extra. Don't worry, I'll share those extra outfits with you super soon.

I paired each outfit with my black suede booties and a black wool hat. They were super versatile in themselves and went with each outfit perfectly. I'm sharing lots of versatility on the blog today. 😉

Next up, let's add a little layering. Everyone has their favorite cardigan in their closet, right?! For me, mine is my darling leopard print duster from Chicwish. It is so stinkin' cozy, and it's perfect to layer with a dress and denim outfit.

While I was taking these photos, we were on a sidewalk near our friend's house, and it was freezing! Can you tell?! All I wanted to do was bundle up, which is why having an extra layer is perfect! 

If you ever need to take a plain black dress and turn it into a #girlboss outfit, get yourself a staple plaid blazer, and layer up. I have been wearing this plaid blazer with everything, and it's honestly one of the most versatile blazers you could ever own. Not only does it look amazing with this dress, but you can also pair it with an all-black outfit, black & white, or even add a little color.

I've worn this blazer with a black turtleneck and black denim, a black lace top, and black denim, and if you have to dress it up even more for work, just add black skinny dress pants or have a little fun with high-waisted black trousers. This blazer is a definite must-have, trust me. It looks amazing with so many styles & outfits.

Last up is probably my favorite outfit of all. I've never put a sweater over a dress because I was always worried it was going to look too bulky, but I decided to have a little fun and try it anyways. This sweater is the same sweater I shared on the blog a couple of weeks ago. See, I'm being versatile again!

I know that sticking to a budget with clothing is super important, so I hope y'all are loving the repeat items, but with new outfits. It's the best way to share content that I know you'll love without us all going broke at the same time.

 If you add a little belt with it as well, it cuts down on the bulky look and turns it into the coziest, comfy outfit of all. I opted for my favorite leopard print belt. Since I don't have $400 to drop of the thin Gucci belt and doubt neither do you, I figured a $15 splurge from Target would do!

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Black Mock Neck Dress (This years version + it's on sale!!!)
Plaid Blazer (Option #2!)

I hope you loved this style of post! Would you like to see outfit posts like these more often?! What is something in your closet that you need help turning into a versatile piece?! Let me know in the comments or send me an email or DM on Instagram!

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