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Raise your hand if you suffer from extreme back pain or inflammation. How about anxiety? Or if you're like me, all of the above?! 🙋 I've tried everything to relieve back pain and headaches from stress & anxiety, but no matter how many times I get a massage or take Excedrin for an extreme migraine, the pain always comes back.

A few months ago, a brand sent me my first CBD lotion to try. I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical, and so was my husband. Just like we have, I'm sure you've heard how CBD is all the rage right now, but will it really...I mean, actually, work?! Take it from me when I tell you, YES, it really does!

Now, I get it. There are so many questions that come to people's minds when they hear about a CBD lotion. Does it contain THC? Will I get high? How does it actually work? Is it safe to use? Does it smell like weed?... and then some!

I will be answering all of your questions and then some in today's post as I've partnered with a brand I love, Notion. I will be sharing specific information about their new CBD lotion, and I want this post to be as informative as possible so that you can really see the benefits of using CBD lotion.

First things first, no you will not get high from using CBD lotion. Notion is 100% plant-based, as it is derived from Hemp, and contains no THC. THC is psychoactive, meaning it will affect your mind, CBD is not psychoactive, so you will not experience a high-like feeling when using CBD lotion.

Notion's CBD comes from a certified producer of industrial hemp and has been assessed by a third party to assure purity (that there is no THC or any other contaminants) and for its absorbency. It is also FDA-registered to assure safety when using Notion, so have no fear, it is completely safe to use.

You might also be wondering how does it actually work. Studies have shown that CBD interacts with many molecular targets within our bodies, including serotonin receptors to help with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. A lot of people have been using CBD oils on their tongue, but Notion is utilizing our body's biggest organ, our skin, to safely and more effectively transfer the CBD directly where you need it. Our skin recognizes the cream as its own through tested and proven molecular technology, so it absorbs quickly and lasts longer than other CBD topicals.

If you love the science behind how things work, check out this page here to learn more about the technology behind Notion.

When applying Notion, I focus just one pump on my shoulders, back, and neck for relief. If I'm feeling stressed, anxious, or sense a headache or migraine coming on, I will apply a pump to my temples as well. Before adding an additional pump, wait 15 minutes for the Notion to start working. You can always add another pump if you're needed a little bit more relief.

The amazing thing is once you apply the CBD lotion, it will get into your system quickly, and last for eight hours or more giving you lasting relief. It's perfect to apply before bedtime to help relax and relieve pain, and then apply again before heading to work in the morning for all-day relief.

One last thing, and if you're sensitive to scents like I am, this is important. It does not have a strong smell at all. It has a natural, essential scent and is not strong what-so-ever. The CBD lotion absorbs right into your skin and doesn't leave a residue either.

Notion's CBD lotion has so many benefits, and just to recap, here's a list of how Notion can help:

Muscle & Joint Relief
Anxiety & Stress
Sleep Issues
Recovery & Performance

Go ahead and give yourself the relief you deserve. Notion has seriously been a game-changer for me, and I know it will be for you, too! You can purchase Notion here!

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