If you've followed my blog for a few years now, you know that I'm obsessed with skincare. Every day, my clients at work are asking me how I get such smooth, "perfect" skin. I'm always complimented on my complexion, and I usually brush it off with a "thank you, I used to be a makeup artist." But then I thought, why the heck am I giving makeup all the credit. Sure, our makeup helps to play a part in things, but skincare is the real hero.

I want to share my all-time favorite skincare products that I've been using for the past three months. I have had such amazing, glowy skin, little to no breakouts, and I will be continuing to use these products throughout the winter months.

A little bit about my skin--I have combination skin, which means I have a mix of dry skin and oily skin. My t-zone can be extremely oily (especially around my nose), and around my mouth and my cheeks get extremely dry in the winter. So, if you have combination skin, this routine will work amazingly for you!

Alrighty, let's dive into these four skincare products. I use the combination of an oil product, moisturizer, gel-cream, and eye cream.

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After I've cleansed my skin, I head to my vanity to begin my skincare routine. I should also let you know, you can do all four of these products at both nighttime and in the morning, but I'll go over what I do personally as well!

During the evenings, I will shower and then begin a more moisturizing routine, which is when I will use the oil! I've been loving the Rose Oil Blend from Pixi Beauty. It has a lovely rose floral scent, but it is extremely hydrating! I will apply about half a dropper full to my fingertips and gently massage it into my dry areas--so around my mouth and on any dry areas near my cheeks. I do not apply this to my t-zone.

*Note: I only apply this product at night.

Next up is my handy dandy Olay Whips. You've heard me rave about this product many times on the blog, and you will probably forever because honestly, it's my favorite product ever. I will apply a small amount (shown in the picture above) all on my face and even down my neck.

Olay Whips is such a lightweight moisturizer that you hardly feel it is there, but it works its magic like no other moisturizer could. It is perfect for sensitive skin and comes fragrance-free or with a subtle fragrance. You can even get it with or without SPF!

What is the best thing that skincare can do for us? Usually, we wish that it can help us reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, tighten & lift. Well, your wish is my command, because I've got the product just for you!

I was sent a few Robin McGraw products in a PR package over the summer, and I put off using them for a few weeks because I'm always so nervous to try out something new. Well, I am so glad that I did, because it has become an everyday's in this post. haha!

The Robin McGraw OMG Face Shaper does such an amazing job at tightening and lifting my skin and helping to prep it for makeup. I find that my makeup goes on so smooth after I apply it. I will focus just a small amount like show in the picture above on my cheeks and on my forehead.

This product also has 360+ 5-star reviews, and I wish I could give it 10 stars!!!

Note: I only apply this product in the morning.

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Last, but certainly not least, we all need an eye cream that's going to work as hard as we do. With it being Holiday at work...well, since September, I am working long days with very little sleep, so you can imagine the dark circles that begin the form...not to mention the puffiness from lack of sleep and allergies.

The Robin McGraw Power Peptide Eye Cream has worked wonders for me. Not only does it help reduce undereye puffiness, but it also helps to fill in those fine lines around my eyes with a burst of hydration so I look a little more refreshed than I actually am!

I don't have true wrinkles around my eyes (PTL), but I also believe that I don't have fine lines & wrinkles because I've been using a dedicated eye cream since I was about 16...also I'd like to thank my Mama for really good genes and to always take care of my skin. She's always taken care of her skin, washed her face both morning and night, used some form of skincare, and it inspired me to do the same.

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Nighttime routine: Pixi Beauty Rose Oil, Olay Whips, Robin McGraw Eye Cream
Morning Routine: Olay Whips, Robin McGraw Face Shaper, Robin McGraw Eye Cream

My best advice from me to you is to establish a skincare routine--especially in the wintertime. Your skin (and makeup!) will thank you.

Have you tried any of these skincare products before?!

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