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Merry December! I'm so excited to share my Christmas home decor with you today, both inside & out. I'm also sharing a few holiday safety tips with you with help from my friends at Allstate. As exciting and magical Christmas decorations are, we need to make sure we're keeping our homes and our families safe as we enjoy a home full of Christmas magic.

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One of my favorite things about this Christmas season is being able to decorate our own home for the first time ever. As soon as it was socially acceptable (well, maybe a little earlier), I had my Christmas tree up! We bought a new 7.5' cashmere tree, and some decorations for the outside of our house, too, since we'd never had a home to decorate before. It's amazing how different it is going from decorating a tiny apartment to a house!

On the outside of our home, I wanted to keep it simple and classy. I added a flocked wreath to the door and four-foot trees on either side. It's such a silly dream, but I always dreamed of having a front stoop decorated like this, and I finally got to make it a reality. I just love how elegant our front door looks--clean, simple, and Christmasy.

On the front of our house, we have four windows, and I love, love the way they look with the wreaths and buffalo plaid ribbon & bows. The front of our home says Christmas spirit without being tacky. We were hoping to add some icicle lights above our garage, but the wind has been terrible lately, so we weren't able to put them up yet.

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Here's a closer look at our front door decor! If you look right above the tree on the right, you'll see our beloved Ring Doorbell. We have loved having a camera on the front of our house and having an alarm system.

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Throughout the holiday season, we're all getting more packages, (hello, Amazon Prime!), so make sure your packages are safe until you get home. Having a camera on your front door helps to deter theft, and remember to customize your delivery settings to help prevent delivery theft as well.

Another quick safety tip before we head inside, make sure you don't overload your extension cords and be sure that the extension cords you are using are rated for outdoor use if you are going to be using them outdoors. As pretty as all of those lights would be, don't connect more than three strands of lights together and turn your lights off when you go to sleep at night.

As we move indoors, I added a gorgeous garland to our TV stand with battery-operated LED candles. By using battery-operated candles, you reduce the risk of an accidental fire starting in your home. There's also no mess, and they stay perfect all holiday season long!

Up next, our gorgeous 7.5' cashmere tree! Growing up, I always had a real tree, but if I'm being honest, I'd end up killing the tree because I'd forget to water it, and that is a huge safety issue and fire hazard. If you do have a real tree in your home, make sure you water your tree often and keep it fresh.

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I love, love the way we decorated our tree. We kept it simple upstairs in the living room with a new ornament set that fits our modern farmhouse feel, and I added in some of our favorite Christmas ornaments from our families. In the next week or so, I want to add our second tree downstairs with the rest of our family ornaments and ones my husband and I made as kids!

As far as picking the perfect spot in your home for your tree, make sure it's at least three feet away from a heat source, and you're not blocking an exit. Should you need to exit your home in an emergency, you don't want your Christmas decorations to slow you down.

There's nothing I love more than sitting on our couch, looking at the twinkling lights on the tree, watching a cheesy Christmas movie, and doing some online Christmas shopping. As a bonus tip, make sure you stick to a budget this holiday season. Take advantage of free shipping, in-store sales, or better yet, make a homemade gift this holiday season. Make it a Christmas to remember without breaking the bank.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into our home and seeing our 1st Christmas decorations. Remember, as you're decorating your home, be safe, and enjoy the holiday season!

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