Do you ever wonder what budget-friendly things you can upgrade in your home that would take it to the next level? Then this post is totally for you. Chris and I have been adding upgrades to our new construction home ever since we went to settlement last September.

As we started upgrading the larger things--light fixtures, walls, adding new furniture, etc., we realized that there were little things that we could upgrade that would make a huge impact on the overall look of our home. It's the little things that our guests would notice because they're classy little upgrades that no one really thinks about. So, here's to a post dedicated to those classy & subtle home upgrades--all under $100!

When we were building our home, I knew I wanted bar cabinet pulls in the kitchen & bathroom, but our builder only offered silver. So, we paid a slight upgrade for the silver ones so that we'd have both holes professionally drilled for us instead of trying to drill them ourselves.

We discovered our new black hardware pulls because my bestie settled on her house the same day we did, and she ordered these first and loved them. I ordered them the next week, and the quality is so amazing. They have weight to them, and they are high-quality and budget-friendly.

Price Range: $20/set

SnapPower Outlet & Switch Plates //

I talked a little bit about these in this blog post, and let me tell you, they are life-changing! When Chris first told me that he was ordering them, I thought they were going to be a waste of money, but they have added so much function to our home! Have you ever stumbled down the stairs half asleep because you desperately need water, but don't want to turn all of the lights on? Yep, same, which is where the SnapPower Outlets and Switch Plates come in handy.

They illuminate the pathway ever-so-slightly and are powered by touching contacts in the outlet/switch boxes. It's perfect to put in the hallways, kitchen,  living room, and bathrooms to help guests find their way through your home during the night!

Price Range: $14-$100

Scented Wallflowers //

I love, love scented wallflowers--they add a subtle yumminess to your home! Whenever Bath & Body Works has a sale on their wallflower inserts, we stock up on them. We put them in our bathroom to help mask the scent of Lilly's litter box, we have one in the hallway, hall bath, entryway, and family room. It carries a vanilla "homey" scent throughout our home because there's nothing worse than having a "stinky" house.

Price Range: $10-$15

Amazon Vent Covers //

This might be one of my favorite mini upgrades we've done in our home. Changing out the cheap, ugly vent covers for matte black metal ones took our flooring to a whole new level. The cheap vent covers made our gorgeous hardwood flooring look cheap, which it's not, so for under $100, we replaced every vent cover in our home and instantly took our home from drab to fab!

Price Range: $45-$90

Edison Lightbulbs //

One of the first things we did when we moved into our home was replace the builder-grade light fixtures and light bulbs. I always thought that I wanted really bright lights, but they turned our home into a hospital due to the color temperature. We love, love the Soft White 2700 and they give a soft, calming light in our home.

Price Range: $40/set

These five classy & subtle upgrades are sure to improve the overall look of your home for under $100!

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Which is your favorite subtle upgrade!?

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