I get asked on a daily basis, whether in real life or on social media, what beauty products I use. So, to make it a little easier for you, I wanted to update my skincare & makeup routine here on the blog! I figured this would be the best place to point y'all to so you can find my favorite beauty products all in one place.

First up, let's chat skincare. Skincare is so important, and I feel like I say this in any skincare post, but Your makeup will only look as good as your skin feels, so take priority in skincare and your makeup will look flawless as ever.

Night Time //

I've been using the Olay Daily Facial Dry Cloths for removing my makeup for years, and I will forever love, love them. They are simply activated with water, so you can travel with them or use them at home. It takes off your makeup so effortlessly, too!

After I remove my makeup, I will use Clarisonic Pore & Blemish Cleanser, and I swear it keeps my skin flawless. I hardly break out anymore (knock on wood), and I owe it all to this cleanser. I also still love, love the Olay Whips facial cleansers, but I haven't been able to find them in stores as easily anymore.

For moisturizer, I use Olay Whips, and it helps to hydrate my skin without feeling oily. I've used pretty much every option available of the Olay Whips line, and I love them all equally!

Morning //

Every morning, I will simply use Pixi Glow Tonic to exfoliate my skin, and then I follow that up with a small pea-sized amount of Olay Whips on my face. I like to keep my skincare in the morning simple since I'm usually in a rush. haha!

Now it's time for my favorite part--the makeup! I love, love being able to be creative with my makeup, and I get compliments every day on my "perfect" skin, but I can tell you that this rosacea covered skin is anything but perfect, but my makeup helps make it look that way!

Up first, after my morning skincare routine, I will apply a small amount of Becca Backlight Priming Filter all over my face. Not only does this primer give me a slight glow, but it also helps keep my makeup on all day long!

After priming, I use my tried & true It Cosmetics CC+ Cream. I personally love the Illumination option, but there is also the original CC+ Cream as well. I wear the shade Medium.

For concealer, it depends on how much sleep I've had...or haven't had. I normally only use It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye, but if I need a little more coverage, I will also use a little Tarte Shape Tape or Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. It's very rare that I will use all three, but when I do, they blend together flawlessly.

Oh! I should mention--to apply my foundation and concealers, I will use a damp beauty sponge, and the Real Techniques one is my favorite! I also use my beauty sponge to press on my setting powder. I use the Makeup Revolution Banana Powder. It is the best drugstore setting powder, and it sets my makeup far better than high-end & prestige products.

Next up, let's chat bronzer, blush, and highlighters! For the past year and a half, I've been using the Too Faced Tutti Frutti Bronzer & Highlighter Duo. I love that I can get a natural sunkissed glow, but I can also concentrate it a little darker if need be to get a darker contour! After I have enough bronzing, I will swipe my brush over the highlight section of the palette and swipe it over the top of my bronzer to get a little bit more of a glow-from-within look.

For blush, I love, love Laura Geller's products! Her blushes give such a beautiful mix of colors that blend so perfectly together to give a more natural blush-like look. For highlighter, depending on the day and my mood, I've been using the Mally Mallywood highlighters that come with a cream base and 2 powders. I've also been using a Pixi Highlighter palette, and have been obsessed with it! If you love highlighters as much as I do, either one of these palettes will give you a gorgeous glow!

Next up, eye shadows! Surprisingly, I'm very simple when it comes to my eye makeup, but the way I blend it makes it look more done up than it really is. My favorite palette that I've used since last June is the Mally Mallywood Eye palette. The browns, pinks, and dark raspberry color are perfect for any eye color, but make my hazel eyes really pop!

For my everyday look, I'll just simply use the brown base shade in my crease (Iconic), the dark brown in my outer corner (Kind), and the shimmery pink (Flirty) on my lid. If I want to add a little more to my look, I will add a little bit of the color Passionate in my crease and outer corner & smoke it out to add a little more color to my shadow look. If you end up getting the Pixi Highlighting palette I mentioned above, you can use the color Lace on the lid as well for more of a pop! In my inner corner & on my brow bone, I will use the color Fearless from the Mally Palette to give a glowy finish. I will also take a little bit of Iconic & Kind underneath my lower lash line and blend it out for a smoky look!

My brows are something I take pride in knowing that I've never had them plucked or waxed by anyone ever! I shape them every-so-slightly by plucking stray hairs only, and I fill them in very naturally with the It Cosmetics Brow Pencil. This pencil lasts so long, and it helps to give my brows a naturally filled appearance vs them looking obviously filled in. For years, I've used the E.l.f. Clear Brow Gel to set my brows, and the best part--it's only $2.00!!

Heading back to the eyes to complete the eye look, I apply a thin line of eyeliner to my top lid only. This helps my deep-set eyes stand out a little more. If I don't apply eyeliner, I end up looking half dead. My favorite eyeliner pencil is the Lorac PRO. It applies so smoothly and lasts all day. For liquid liner, I love the Tarte Sex Kitten one! For my everyday look, I only use an eye pencil, but if I'm going out or applying lashes, I will use a liquid.

Mascara is my all-time favorite part of the makeup process because it's so satisfying to see the whole look finally come together. I have been using Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara for years now, and it's the only mascara that gives me length, volume, and stays all day.

For the lippies, I always apply a lip liner, and my favorite to use is the NYX Suede Lip Liner! It comes in so many beautiful shades, stays on all day long, and I can eat and it still stays on. My favorite lip product to apply overtop my liner is the Pixi Mattelast Liquid Lipstick. The Mattelast liquid lips stay on all day, keep my lips feeling hydrated, and comes in nude colors and vibrant ones, too!

To finish off my makeup, I will spray just a little Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, and I swear my makeup always stays all day. It's truly a combo of the way I apply my makeup, but this setting spray is magical.

There ya have it! My updated skincare & makeup routine.
I hope this post was helpful to you!

Have you used any of my favorite products!?

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