Mar 26, 2020

A special thanks to Fabletics for sponsoring today's post with this darling workout outfit!

Today's post is going to be jam-packed with two different pieces--fashion & food--my two loves. What's better than combining the two!? Nothing! haha! I'm sharing my newest outfit from Fabletics and my go-to lunch--a Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich.

I am love, loving this outfit from Fabletics. These leggings are part of the HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS collection, and they are by far the best leggings out there. They stay up, don't move, and help me feel even more confident!

When searching for something to wear while working out, I need it to hit three points: comfortable, supportive, and stylish, and Fabletics hits all of them! I love, love their SPORTS BRAS because they are extremely supportive. I can run, walk, do DIY projects, and more, and still feel supported.

Another one of my favorite aspects of Fabletics leggings is the pockets! Inside the waistband, there is a card holding pocket for your license & credit card. On the side of this pair in particular, (and a lot of other pairs, too!), there is a phone pocket! It's a very deep pocket, which allows you to put your phone in it, go for a walk or run & not risk losing your phone.

If you haven't tried anything from Fabletics yet, I highly recommend trying their VIP PROGRAM. Once you sign up, you're eligible to get two pairs of leggings for $24! You can skip any month you want, and you'll have access to exclusive products reserved just for VIP members!

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Now it's time for the best lunch ever! It's so simple & easy to make--let's get started!

Ingredients //

Whole Wheat Bread (Toasted)
Mediterranean Style Hummus (I love the Tribe brand!)
Sliced Cucumber
Chopped Red Onion
Feta Cheese
Ground Pepper

1 // Toast your whole wheat bread, and then spread the Mediterranean Style Hummus on both slices of bread.

2 // Add sliced cucumbers to one slice of bread.

3 // Sprinkle chopped red onions on top of the cucumbers.

4 // Sprinkle feta cheese on top. Add ground pepper.

5 // Assemble your sandwich and slice in half for two triangles, because we're fancy here at ACF and enjoy!

I love to add sliced avocado on the side for the perfect lunch portion. I'm telling you, this is by far my favorite lunch, and it will become yours, too! You can also add lettuce/arugula and tomatoes in this sandwich, but I personally prefer it without.

Are you a Fabletics VIP Member?!
If you try out the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, let me know!!!

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