Apr 15, 2020

It's officially been thirty days of social distancing for me, and a few days longer for Chris since he started working from home the week before my store closed down. In these past thirty days, I've completed countless home projects (waiting on one last detail before I share our laundry closet!!!), I've painted more walls than I can count, and I've also slept more than I ever have.

My body and mind are feeling healthier than ever, and though social distancing has a lot of negatives, I'm doing my best to think of the positives. Chris and I are spending so much time together, and with our schedules, that's usually pretty hard. We've completed projects that would have taken months to do in just days, and we're finally able to turn our house into a home.

Today, I'm sharing five things you should do every day during social distancing. Not only will these tips help you be more productive, but they will help you feel better, too!

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One // Make your bed

I am totally talking to myself as well when I say this. Making your bed helps jumpstart your day, and you're less likely to take an afternoon snooze! I know for me, on the days that I have made my bed, I've been more productive and have gotten done so many more things. I totally get the hesitation on making your bed though. I mean, what's the point of making your bed when you roll out at noon and plan to nap again at three?! Don't do it!!! Make your bed and get something productive done--your mental health with thank you.

Two // Tend to your garden

This has been something to keep me sane. I love, love flowers, and every year, I plant flowers in planters and love to watch the little buds turn to flowers. I wasn't able to get as many flowers this year due to social distancing, but the ones I was able to grab, I'm thankful for.

The next time you're at the grocery store, grab a plant or some seeds and plant a mini garden. It's oddly satisfying. The day that I brought the plants home, I felt a sense of peace and was able to give myself a mini therapy session. Plus, it helps you get outside in the sunshine, too! Give yourself the gift of Vitamin D.

Three // Clean up around the house

Before you go to bed every night, be sure to pick up around the house and WASH. THE. DISHES. Please tell me how two people can make so many dirty dishes in one day?! Our sink is always full, and I feel like I'll never get to the end of them. We used to run the dishwasher once a week maybe, and now we're running it every other day!

The main key take away is since you're spending so much extra time at home, you're making all of those extra messes. Even taking ten minutes at night for a power clean as I like to call it, will make a huge difference. It will set you up for the next day. Everyone likes a clean house, and everyone is more productive in one.

Four // Dedicate time to relax

Some days it feels like I'm go, go, going, and other days I'm simply relaxing and doing nothing. The days I feel the best are those where I work on a project for several hours and then relax. My mental health is totally dependent on how accomplished I feel. I'm a workaholic, I know, but even just the smallest task brings me satisfaction and makes a nighttime relaxation session all that more enjoyable.

You don't want to overrun yourself either. One of the positives of social distancing is being home and taking a moment to breathe. I'm sure every house looks different. Whether you're alone, with your spouse, a roommate, or you have a house full of kiddos, do your best to take time to relax. Have a family movie night, color (we're obsessed with the adult coloring books!), read a book, or take a long, well-deserved bath. Relax together or relax as individuals--whatever you can manage, just take a second to breathe and relax.

Five // Journal

I used to journal years ago, and I never stuck with it. About a week or so ago, I started to journal one page before going to bed, and it has helped me gather my thoughts from the day, write about my feelings, my mental health, and anything else I can think of. We're in the middle of a pandemic--it's an emotional time, it's a scary time, and a lot of things are uncertain. Journaling can help take all of those thoughts and feelings floating around in your head and relieve your mind.

I hope you and your family are staying safe & healthy.

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