I seriously cannot believe that I'm going to be a #boymom!!! I was for sure convinced that this little peanut was going to be a girl, but oh was I wrong! I even did a poll on my Instagram stories, and 47% voted boy, and 53% voted girl!! It was such a close poll, but only 47% of you were correct!!

Now that we officially know that this little peanut is a baby boy, we've started adding shades of Peter Rabbit blue in his nursery, and I'm obsessed. I came home from work a couple weekends ago to find that Chris had painted above the tall chair rail blue where there was once pink from when it was my office, and I literally fell to my knees crying, because it made it feel all so real that there was going to be a little boy sleeping in that room so very soon.

Last weekend, I was off work, so Chris and I decided to head to Carter's for a quick shopping trip because now that we didn't have to just look for gender-neutral clothing, I wanted to go just a little overboard and buy the cutest of boy clothes.

Within a matter of 15 minutes, we both searched through the clearance racks and found the cutest onesies, outfits, and oh my gosh, I found a SANTA SUIT for $3!!! He's going to be born just two weeks before Christmas, so I had been wanting to find a Santa suit, and there were so many Christmas outfits on the clearance rack!! We hit the jackpot and grabbed all the boy clothes I could fit in my hands. It got to the point where I couldn't carry anymore, so we decided that was probably enough. haha!

I keep telling everyone as I laugh that I probably looked crazy, because even though I was 15 weeks at the time, I still fit into most of my normal clothes, so I'm not really showing all that much. The sales associates were probably thinking I was a crazy aunt getting tons of clothes...nope. I'm that crazy Mama that wants all the cute clothes for her little dude.

I can't wait to finish decorating his nursery and getting it ready for his arrival in early December. While I finally have the energy, I decided now is the best time to get it done!

I'm so happy to be able to share this journey with you here on the blog.

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