Jul 30, 2020

Time seriously has to slow down. I can't believe another month has gone by since I've chatted with you guys here on the blog! Let's just say, life has been super crazy but in a really good way! I am already in week 20 of my pregnancy with my little dude, and now that I'm finally feeling better (and can eat--thank God!!) the weeks are flying by.

Work at my full-time job has started to pick up now that people feel comfortable shopping in a clothing store again, and it feels good to be busy. In fact, I was worried about being so busy and on my feet so much during pregnancy, but it's actually been a blessing in disguise. Being on my feet and moving around has kept me from experiencing a ton of back pain and it keeps me feeling healthy through the weeks--especially now that my belly is starting to pop even more!

This past Monday, I had my 20-Week ultrasound, and for the first time, Chris was able to come to a doctor's appointment! It was so exciting for him to finally be able to hear our little dude's heartbeat and see him on the screen for the ultrasound. It was the perfect appointment for him to be able to come to, because the 20-Week ultrasounds are always longer.

Ours lasted about 45 minutes, and we got to see our little dude's face, fingers & toes, and the Doctor was able to make sure he was growing properly and that everything was developing as it should be. I'm obsessed with his little nose, and I can't wait to see it in real life in just under another 20 weeks!

I just have to mention this darling workout outfit, too! Though I'm not really working out...let me be honest, I never really workout...unless long walks through the aisles at Target count as working out. haha! Since I'm so active during the day at my full-time job, I love to wear my Fabletics outfits around the house as comfy outfits, and they're the perfect errand-running outfits, too!

I'm wearing my normal size (small) in both the sports bra and capris, and I love how I'm still able to wear them pregnant. The capris and leggings, in general, are super stretchy, and they are made with the softest of materials.

I love, love the cross back detail on this sports bra, too. It's extremely supportive, and I love the wide straps and coverage it provides. If you haven't tried anything from Fabletics, I highly recommend them! Click here to receive the EPIC “2 Leggings for $24” offer upon VIP membership sign-up.

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I hope you are having a lovely summer so far. Stay tuned for some upcoming style & home decor posts, and of course, baby boy updates throughout my pregnancy!

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