This past weekend, Chris and I met up with my in-laws for a much-needed beach getaway. Since COVID pretty much ruined all of our plans for an actual vacation, we spent a couple of days at the shore to soak in the sunshine and enjoy some quality time together before baby boy arrives in the upcoming months.

The first two days were super windy and rainy, so not great weather for the beach, but honestly, just being away from home and relaxing felt amazing. On Monday, we finally were able to get to the beach on a sunny day, and apparently, when you're pregnant, you are super sensitive to the sun..even with sunscreen...and ya girl ended up getting burnt to a crisp. Never in my entire life have I been burnt so bad--it was worse than my sunburn I got in Puerto Rico 10 years ago, so I literally couldn't walk for 2 days!!

I'm happy I was able to get a little bit of relaxing in before the chaos of my sunburn set in though. We realized that this was the last official weekend that I have off of work that won't be spent prepping for my baby shower or my sister's baby shower through the rest of the year...meaning...I literally will never have a relaxing weekend again in my life until baby boy is older...and even then, we'll probably have other cuties running around with him that will keep us plenty occupied. haha!

A mini babymoon was super important to us, and we took walks together and simply made time for each other. The only positive side (I'm trying to look for a positive here haha) to having such a brutal sunburn was the extra time I got to spend with Chris. I love being home and spending time bothering him while he tries to get work done. haha!

Anywhoo, all of that to say, even though we couldn't take a real week-long vacation this year like we had planned on taking, I'm thankful for the time we were able to spend with each other before baby boy arrives.

I just have to mention my SHIMMER STRIPE DRESS that I'm wearing in this post. I love, love it so much, and it made for the perfect beach/summer outfit. There's still some warm weather to enjoy, so if you're headed to the beach for an end of summer trip or are wanting more summer styles, I definitely recommend it! OH! AND--it has pockets!!!

For sizing, I'm 23 weeks pregnant and am wearing a 00 Petite, which is my normal size in dresses from LOFT. This particular dress ran pretty big, so most people are sizing down a few sizes, but I got lucky with sizing and the bump helped fill it out a little. :)

I hope y'all are having an amazing summer! Stay tuned for some home decor posts. I've been hard at work getting several projects finished...including baby boy's nursery!

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