This past weekend, we celebrated our baby boy with family & friends. I have always dreamed of a gorgeous baby shower, and my Mama and sister helped me achieve just that! My sister lives three hours away, and she's pregnant, too--just a few weeks ahead of me, so I knew that it would be hard for her to do a ton of prep work from so far away. My parents came on Thursday afternoon, and as soon as I got home from work, we began prepping for our baby shower!

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My Mama and I baked all day on Friday, and I love, loved being able to bake and decorate goodies for the shower. We made a gorgeous, homemade lemon & blueberry naked cake with lemon buttercream and cupcakes, too! Thanks to my Mama and my MIL, they made the majority of the food that was served as well. We went for a picnic theme with hoagies, a veggie tray, fruit tray, potato salad, pasta salad, deviled eggs, chicken salad sandwiches, and more!

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I was so bummed that a blueberry decided to explode right on the front of the cake, but hey, nothing is ever perfect! I'm just so happy with the way the desserts turned out--and they were yummy!

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There is never a more perfect cake topper than a gold topper paired with a white rose and a little seeded eucalyptus. It is such a simple topper, yet so elegant.

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One of my favorite things about my shower is having my closest family and friends celebrate with us. We kept our baby shower super intimate and small, which I loved. Since my sister & I are both pregnant, two weeks apart, we get to celebrate her as a family in just a few short weeks, too! My whole family never gets to be all together this often, so it's definitely a treat!

My sister helped plan games & activities for our shower & they were so fun! Chris designed a bingo baby board, my sister brought diapers for people to write silly or sweet messages on for us to see as we're changing those late-night diapers, and she created advice cards/funny sayings cards for people to fill out. It definitely created some laughs!

My Mama & sister are also the crafty type (it runs in the family haha!) and they each made me a diaper decoration! My sister made the cutest diaper cake and my Mama made a diaper stroller! I couldn't believe that something so cute could be made out of diapers...that will be soon filled with not-so-cute things. haha!

My family & friends definitely spoiled baby boy with gifts and will soon spoil him when he's here. He is definitely loved, and we felt super loved this past weekend--that's for sure!

*Chris would like me to draw your attention to the gorgeous built-ins that he and my Dad finished this weekend. Chris and I installed them during the spring, but we were never able to finish the crown molding. Thanks to my Dad & Chris for making my living room look like a dream!

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My baby shower was simple & sweet--just the way I like it.

What is your favorite baby shower theme?!

P.S. My floral dress (affiliate link) is from Chicwish!


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