Monday, November 23, 2020

 I feel like my third trimester has gone by in the blink of an eye! With every passing week, we're one week closer to meet our baby boy, and we are more than excited. As I'm writing this, I'm 37 weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting when he's going to officially make his debut. I wanted to put together the list of what we're bringing to the hospital for when he's on his way. I have a list for me, Chris, and for baby boy, plus a mini list of a couple things to grab last minute as we're running out the door.

First up, let's get the baby's list packed. If you're anything like me, you're going to write a list, pack their bag, and repack it a million times as you decide on what outfits and swaddles you want them to wear in the hospital/announcement photos. I'll break it down to a few different categories for baby to make it a little easier.


Clothing //

Obviously, your new baby is going to need a couple of outfits in the hospital. We plan to post an announcement and take lots of photos of baby boy in the hospital since no photographers/visitors are allowed in the room (which I'm actually thankful for), so we want to be sure we have plenty of darling outfits.

We packed a couple of different sizes for him, too. I have one premie outfit just in case he's a little on the small side, two newborn outfits, and two 0-3 month outfits. I know, I know, it's overkill to pack so many different outfits, but it was the only way I could calm my brain and tell myself he'd be dressed cute no matter how tiny he is! My friend actually recommended packing the one premie outfit just in case, because her son was born three weeks early, and didn't fit into any of the newborn clothes she brought to the hospital. I ended up getting his premie pajamas at Carter's for only $1.50 on the clearance rack!

I also packed his going home outfit + a cozy zip-up pram for him since he'll be born in December. A few other clothing necessities we packed were socks/booties, a super soft bib & burb cloth, a couple of hats to match his outfits, baby mittens that of course match his outfits, and pants to go with his onesies. I had an oh my gosh moment when I realized I forgot to buy my baby newborn pants, so we went to Carter's to pick up a couple pairs, which are now in the hospital bag. Don't be like me and get so focused on onesies and forget the pants. haha!

Photo Reveal Necessities //

Continuing with clothing, your baby will need an announcement outfit! We opted for a darling onesie set with pants and a sweater and also a swaddle so that we have a couple of options based on how we're feeling/what looks cutest!

We have two colors/patterns of swaddles that include a matching hat that will be perfect for his reveal. I found the cutest wooden name sign on Etsy that I can't wait to put in his tiny hospital bed. For the hospital bed, I'm also packing a plain light gray bassinette sheet so that any photos we take in it have a clean, crisp background and he's the focus.

I also wanted to bring one of his stuffed animals to the hospital so that we can take a photo with the stuffed animal and baby boy next to each other to compare how teeny tiny he is when he's born.

Feeding & Diapering //

It's probably more than we need to pack, but we're bringing a handful of diapers and a small pack of wipes just in case we need them on the way home or simply prefer the ones we've chosen to use vs. what the hospital provides.

Feeding wise, I will be bringing my Boppy, because a lot of people have recommended to bring it as it makes the beginnings of breastfeeding a little more comfortable. I'm also bringing one of his pacifiers that has been sanitized. I decided not to bring any of the bottles we have because the hospital will provide formula and bottles should I not be able to breastfeed or we need to supplement due to milk supply. Fed is best, so I'm okay either way--it's all going to be new, and this is where I'm going to have to trust my Doctor and the nurses.

I'm also bringing my own breast pump. I know they provide a breast pump in the hospital, but I want to be taught how to use the one that I opted for with my insurance. Being a new mom and also having a baby during Covid, I wasn't able to take any classes at my hospital since they were all canceled and/or virtual on days that I was working. If I'm able to be taught how to use the one I have, I just know that I'll be more successful at home should the breastfeeding journey be for me.

For baby boy, that's all we're planning to bring, even though I feel like it's so much!

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Clothing //

Everything clothing-wise that I'm bringing is all comfy & cozy, layered, and meant to keep me comfortable during and after. I packed a comfy set of black pajamas, a pair of Lou & Grey sweatpants and a Lou & Grey thin turtleneck (it's so soft!), cozy socks with grips on the bottom, a cozy cardigan, a black robe that matches my pajamas, and a loose black dress for any in-hospital photos/my going-home outfit. I also have an extra nursing bra packed, and one pair of regular underwear (though I'll be rockin' the disposable ones haha!).

P.S. All of our clothes and any blankets we're bringing have been washed in hypoallergenic detergent!

Beauty //

I have my makeup bag pre-packed and sitting on my vanity ready to go. I doubt I'll be doing a full face of makeup in the moment of his birth, but I would love to put on makeup and feel beautiful for any photos that we take in the hospital once he's here and I've had a chance to sleep...for a couple of hours.

I also pre-packed a mini shampoo, conditioner, body soap, loofa, Olay makeup removing wipes, face wash, my toothbrush & toothpaste, floss, Billie razor, dry shampoo, hair volumizer, hairbrush, deodorant, and face moisturizer.

My makeup bag is on my list to grab last-minute as well as my T3 Curling Wand. I'm debating on bringing my hairdryer, which I most likely will so that I'm not sleeping on wet hair in case dry shampoo doesn't cut it after giving birth--which, dry shampoo is a miracle worker, but I don't know if it's that good. haha!

Laboring Essentials //

I was going to purchase my own hospital gown so that it could be cute in any photos we take upon arrival/in the moment, but I decided that I didn't want to spend unnecessary money on something that was just going to be destroyed anyway. Instead, I've focused on bringing things that will help me keep my mind focused during the laboring process.

I'm packing my laptop, AirPods, a long phone cord to charge my phone, a sound machine, and a pen and notebook to journal should I want to document anything and write down my birth journey. I know for a fact that music helps calm and motivate me, so I have a playlist filled with worship music, and should I want any other music, Chris will be my in-room DJ and change the music.

When I was getting my blood drawn the last few times, my nurse handed me a mini portable fan, so I went to Target and got the same exact one because it provided me just a little bit of comfort. I get super anxious when it comes to needles, so I have the worst of hot flashes--the fan has been such a huge help. I know that some people will also bring their stroller fan so that it will clip up on the hospital bed--either way, bring a fan!

I also typed & printed a mini birth plan that has our info and my hopes and desires for labor. I know that everyone's laboring experience is different, so I didn't want it to be something set in stone--especially if something needs to be changed for a medical reason, but I did want to express my hopes should everything go as planned. I included that I wanted a natural birth with no epidural, but was open to pain medication in my required IV with explanation, that Chris and I want him to cut the umbilical cord, and that I would like to be able to walk around in-between and during contractions.

My Doctors are super flexible and have tried to prep me as much as they can during visits, so it's nice to know that they are 100% in support of natural birth, but they also expressed that should an epidural become medically necessary for a C-Section, that I shouldn't be scared. Chris knows my hopes and wishes for labor & delivery, and we've discussed what my wishes are should things go for the worst--it's crazy to think about, but we wanted to talk through everything and anything so he could make quick, educated decisions on what was best for us as a family should he need to.

Post-Partum Comfort //

I feel like post-partum comfort is a complete oxymoron. haha! My attempt to make myself more comfortable after pushing a human out of my hoohah includes all-things Frida Mom. I've heard such amazing things about the Frida-Mom's kits, so I was sure to grab the Post-Partum Recovery Essentials Kit + the peri bottle. I got the $50 one that includes the instant ice maxi pads, cooling pad liners, disposable underwear, and healing foam. The peri bottle is sold separately, so I went ahead and purchased that as well. I purchased some extra disposable underwear & pads, maxi pads, and cooling liners for at home, but the hospital will provide extras should I need them, so I only packed what comes in the kit itself.

I'm all about comfort and coziness, so I'm bringing a super soft blanket from home to have while we're in the hospital after he's born.

Random Essentials //

The other things we have packed are our camera & charger and tripod. We'll be the ones taking all of his newborn photos, so we wanted to have a camera that was more than just our iPhones. The tripod will hopefully help us capture a couple of family photos in the hospital--even if it's just one, I'll be happy.

Phew! I think that's everything that's in my hospital bag--just kidding, it's a suitcase. haha!

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Clothing Essentials & Toiletries //

Chris is on top of things--he's been the one washing all of our clothes in Dreft and helping to prep the hospital bags. (I am so thankful for him!) In his bag, he packed two comfy outfits aka joggers and t-shirts, pajamas, underwear, a sweatshirt in-case I freeze him out, a hat, sneakers & socks, and an outfit for family photos.

For his toiletries, he's super simple and he has his deodorant, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste & toothbrush, face wash, and hair products. 

Entertainment & Extras //

I'll have my laptop for entertainment, so he's bringing along his Gameboy Micro just in case he needs it. He doubts he's going to use it, but I told him to pack it just in case it's a longer than anticipated labor. He's got a bag full of snacks for himself (and for me, too!) so we don't have to spend tons of money on vending machine snacks, but we do have some cash packed just in case we run out and want something more.

Chris is also bringing along a blanket from home for added comfort. Why are the husband's bags so much easier to pack?! It's so not fair. haha!

As part of your hospital bag checklist, be sure to include installing the car seat. We're installing that this week (week 36) so it's prepped and ready to go for whenever baby boy decides to debut to the world. Since he's being born during December, we also purchased a cozy car seat cover to help keep him covered and warm.

We'll be keeping our hospital bags ready to go by the front door so they're easy to grab for when I go into labor. I'm hoping I make it to my last day of work so that Chris and I will be home together when I go into labor--however, we have a plan for my work family should I go into labor at my store.

Be sure to print the graphic below so you can easily check off everything you need from your list!

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I hope you found this post helpful!
Did I forget anything?! What do you wish that you had in your hospital bag, but forgot to pack?!

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