If there's one thing you can never be too prepared for, it's the weeks after delivery. Mamas are always so focused on packing their hospital bag and making sure the nursery is perfect for their sweet baby, and then completely forget about their needs and how they're going to feel after delivery. Newsflash: Postpartum recovery is not fun. I'm not going to sugar coat it for you. It's hard and it's uncomfortable, but there are things that you can have on hand that will make it tolerable.

I thought that I had everything I would need for my postpartum recovery, but even after perusing Pinterest for hours and prepping recovery kit baskets to put on the back of the toilet, there were still things that Chris had to run out for in the first few days after Bentley was born and he ran out to grab extras of things that I used up way faster than we thought I would. In this post, I'll be sharing all of my favorite postpartum items that I am oh so thankful I had and made my postpartum recovery a little less unbearable.

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One // Frida Mom Post-Partum Recovery Essentials Kit 

This essentials kit should be one of the first things you purchase for postpartum recovery. The hospital gives you everything you need, but eventually when you're home, you'll run out, and you're going to need these essentials. Included in this kit are disposable underwear, perennial healing foam, instant ice maxi pads, and perennial cooling liners.

The disposable underwear in this kit are what I used when people came over to visit. They are super thin like the ones the hospital had, and are less diaper-like and bulky under your sweatpants. The Perrenial Healing Foam is a must-have, in fact, purchase an extra bottle or two. No joke--I went through 4 of them in the first four weeks postpartum. This foam is magical and promotes healing, helps with swelling from vag to tush, and gives you slight comfort down there. You won't regret buying extra--I promise you'll be using it after every bathroom trip.

The ice maxi pads are heavenly as well. The cool feeling down there helps to numb the pain away ever-so-slightly. I had originally bought an extra box of them, but thankfully I never opened them, so I was able to return them. My hospital sent me home with tons of them, but I did eventually run out, and then used the ones in this kit at home.

Lastly, in this kit are perennial cooling liners. Honestly, I never even opened mine, because I obsessed over the foam, so I can't tell you personally how they worked, but I know a lot of my Mama friends raved over them!

Two // Frida Peri Bottle

Buy this immediately. It is so much better than the clear bottle that the hospital will give you. I wish that I had used this bottle in the hospital instead of the one they gave me, but I never got it out of my hospital bag. It's angled, so you can really squirt the water where you need it. Your peri bottle will become your best friend during every bathroom trip, so you might as well get the best one.

Three // Prenatal Vitamins

Even postpartum, it is recommended to continue to take your prenatal vitamins, so make sure you still have plenty on hand! I'll be finishing up my bottle of vitamins I do have, and then taking my multi-vitamins as usual. If you are going to breastfeed, my doctor recommended taking prenatal vitamins as long as you are breastfeeding. Definitely check with your doctor on what they recommend, though! 

Four // Always Discreet Boutique Disposable Undies

These undies will make you feel a little prettier than just wearing disposable diapers--these ones have cute patterns on them. haha! Let's face it--we literally wear diapers the first two weeks minimum postpartum. It's fine, it's fine--they're needed. Trust me. You're not going to want to wear real underwear for a while. I saved the Frida disposable underwear for when people came over to visit, but the Always undies are what I wore all day, every day. Not once did I have to worry about leaking blood all over the bed or couch, and after each bathroom trip (or two), I could change my undies.

Five // Always Discreet Boutique Pads

 These pads are what I used during weeks 2-3 postpartum, and I would put them in my disposable underwear to prolong each disposable undie for 2 bathroom trips vs. having to change it after each time. By the time you're 2-3 weeks postpartum, you're not bleeding as much, and it's more like a period at this point. During your first week postpartum, you're definitely going to want to continue to use a heavier flow pad like the ones they'll provide in the hospital or simply change your Always Discreet Undie after each bathroom trip. At 3-4 weeks postpartum, I was able to switch to this thinner pad.

Six // Frida Sitz Bath Tablets

Warning: You're not able to properly wash down there for weeks after giving birth naturally. It's not that you smell horrible, but you definitely will develop a postpartum smell--mostly because you're constantly heavily bleeding the first week. On day three postpartum, I was finally able to take my first bath. Granted, I couldn't get in the bath myself, Chris had to help me, but that first bath was amazing. Don't be scared of submerging in the water, either! I was terrified to sit because I thought it was going to hurt or burn or something, but it didn't at all for me. The worst part was fully sitting all the way down and discovering more hemorrhoids than expected on a hard tub surface. haha! I laid down in the tub on my side so that I was still submerged in the water, but not putting pressure on my perennial area. These sitz baths will help you feel a little more human and help take away that postpartum stank. During the first four weeks PP, I went through two tablet packs--definitely recommend!

Seven // Breast Therapy Ice Packs

Say hello to boob pain--breastfeeding or not. Whether you're going to breastfeed or not, your body still prepares you for it, and your boobs will fill up like crazy. You'll go to sleep with normal prego boobs and wake up with watermelons under your bra that literally no longer fits. I was nursing for only two days (barely), so my milk came in like crazy, and then since I wasn't nursing anymore, my body never got the memo. I had to endure the pain until my body got the memo, and these ice packs were amazing. The cold helps to ease the pain of your engorged boobs and then eventually, your boobs will slowly become less & less engorged and stop producing as much breast milk.

Eight // Lanolin Cream

If you're going to try and breastfeed at all, you'll need Lanolin cream. Even after barely two days, it's painful, and the nurses in the hospital recommended applying it after every feeding starting immediately.

Nine // Ibuprofen

Like clockwork, on the hour, you're going to want to take your pain meds. My doctor thankfully prescribed me a higher dose of Ibuprofen that I took like clockwork every day. I was able to take one pill every six hours, and by the time it was close to that six-hour mark, I was ready for it. If your doctor doesn't prescribe you anything, be sure to ask what the recommend taking for pain--especially for the first two weeks.

Ten // Nursing Bras

Even though I didn't nurse for very long, I still am wearing them. They are so freaking comfortable, in fact, I was wearing them during the second half of my pregnancy as well. They're softer and give amazing support. I definitely need to find normal bras that are this comfy & supportive.

Eleven // Nursing Pads

Here's another item you'll need--nursing or not. Either way, like I said before, your boobs don't get the memo, so like it or not, your boobs will be leaking--yay. haha! Even towards the end of my pregnancy, these nursing pads got some good use. Your body does incredible things during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, but this is an annoying one. Grab a box, and use these as needed!

Twelve // Tucks Hemirrhoid Cream 

Oh hey, hemorrhoids. Thanks for showing up--not! During pregnancy, you're likely to have hemorrhoids make an appearance, and during labor, you're probably going to make a few more friends. They make it a challenge to go to the bathroom or even sit, so be sure to grab hemorrhoid cream to help soothe the pain.

Thirteen // Miralax

Miralax was a wonderful thing throughout my pregnancy and up to four weeks PP. I took Miralax daily starting when I was around12 weeks pregnant. Constipation was one pregnancy symptom that just wouldn't go away, so taking Miralax daily was a lifesaver. During PP recovery, the last thing you want is to be constipated, so make sure you start taking a stool softener as soon as your doctor says you can after delivery. I am so glad I did because the first poop PP was not painful, so don't be scared! 

Fourteen // Lou & Grey Sweatpants

If you're going to invest in comfort PP, you might as well invest in Lou & Grey sweats. I have these sweats in several colors, and I have worn a pair every single day. They are so soft and comfortable and I love that they're not super baggy. They're more of a fitted style sweatpant, so they fit perfectly without the annoying baggage.

Fifteen // High Waisted Underwear

At about three weeks PP, you'll be ready for real underwear--at least that's when I physically felt ready. These high waisted underwear are the most comfortable undies in the entire world. Since they're high waisted, they felt like they were helping to suck me in a little and help support my PP tummy.

Sixteen // Postpartum Belly Band

Speaking of PP tummy support, I love, love my belly band. This is basically a compression band for your stomach to help support your PP tummy and help your body move everything back to where it should be. I'll be honest, the first few times you wear it, especially at the beginning of your postpartum journey, it will be uncomfortable and extremely tight. I was only able to wear it for a short time before I couldn't take it anymore, but eventually, it became a staple as my uterus shrunk back to normal size and I was losing weight daily.

Seventeen // Robe & Comfy Pajamas

I love these pajamas and this robe. I'm actually wearing these pjs as I'm writing this post, they are so comfy and soft. If you're breastfeeding, they are perfect, because they have buttons! The robe is a must-have. I don't know about you, but I always get a little chilly after waking up, and you'll be waking up every couple of hours and need a robe to keep warm as you change your sweet babe and feed them at all hours of the night. I also love, love my MAMA leopard print sweatshirt. My bestie got it for me, and it's so comfy & cozy for baby snuggles!

Eighteen // Microwaveable Heating Pad

This heating pad is the bomb. I used it on my back and neck to help relax and ease any stress pain. It's under ten dollars and Chris & I use it on a daily basis in our house!

Nineteen // Kopari Coconut Melt

Say hello to the best multitasking beauty product about to enter your house! You can use this coconut melt on your belly during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks, you can use it on your belly PP to keep it moisturized, you can use it on your whole body as well, and it's safe to use on your baby! My doctor recommended waiting until Bentley was at least one week old before applying any lotion to his body, so be sure to check with your doctor on what they recommend regarding lotions/oils.

Twenty // Reusable Water Tumbler

I was so thirsty the first few days postpartum, and even four weeks into my PP journey, I still drink water like crazy! Having a reusable water tumbler (especially during the first few days PP) will be so helpful. If you are breastfeeding, you will be so thirsty, you'll be chugging water like crazy! When I was in the hospital, during my 24-hour stay, I'm pretty sure I drank like a week's worth of water. haha! Either way, stay hydrated. Your healing body will thank you.

Soon-to-be Mamas:

Make sure you take time to prep things for yourself.

After your baby is born, you'll want all of your essentials prepped ahead of time. Trust me, it makes your postpartum journey so much less stressful when you have all that you'll need for a smooth recovery. Your body will be tired, and you will be sore, but you will have just given birth to your sweet babe making all that you're about to go through worth it.

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