Feb 1, 2021

Most of the country is working from home right now, so I wanted to put a blog post together that shares my favorite office essentials that make working from home just a little more tolerable...and prettier, too!

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I have to be organized--otherwise, my brain gets a little cluttered and I can't focus. For me, I love to write everything down in my planner, on a to-do list notepad, and of course, you have to use a pretty pen. I have a couple different ways that I organize my paperwork. Whether it's bills, invoices, tax papers, or important papers I need to keep, I file them in individual file folders and then store them together in folder pockets. I use the folder pockets, because I don't personally have an office anymore. Bentley's nursery took over my office space, and Chris turned part of our family room downstairs into his office since he's been working from home since March 2020.

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If you have more space on your desk or an actual office, I highly recommend getting this office storage set. It has everything you need to stay organized from a cup holder, sticky note holder, paper holder, magazine holder, and a file folder holder! The one I linked for you is a bundle, and of course, it's gold & pretty!

One last thing I use for organizing papers are these storage boxes. You can organize full sheets of paper if you need more space for bills or medical records, etc. I personally use them to hold the year's receipts and utility bills. In case I ever have to reference one of them, I know exactly where to find it!

Every office needs pretty but functional accessories. I find so much joy in using my pretty paper clips & binder clipsgold staplergold scissors, and tape dispenser. You can totally use traditional "office looking" office supplies, but why do that, when there are such pretty ones out there?!

Up next: the functional essentials that I love & use. I just upgraded my phone a couple weeks ago, so I had to get a new case. I am love, loving my marble phone case + ring holder. I normally use an OtterBox phone case with a Pop Socket attachment, but I decided to try out this one, and it's just as functional, but it's so much prettier!

I also try to use my blue light filtering glasses--especially when I'm behind my MacBook Air (that I love btw!!) for an extended period of time. Usually, when I'm working on the blog, I can be in front of the computer for up to five or more hours in a row. Blue light filtering glasses are a life-saver! If you need reading glasses, I love mine from LOFT. Seriously, everyone that I know that has tried out LOFT's readers have become obsessed!

Lastly, if you're working from home and you need to block out distractions, AirPods will be a lifesaver for you. Chris uses his every day to help focus when Bentley and I are being too distracting, and I use them on video calls. 

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I hope you love, love these office essentials as much as I do, and I hope they help to make working from home that much prettier!

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