I'm going to share one of my best-kept secrets for taking family photos. The weather is always so unpredictable for us. It could be gorgeous looking outside, but then the wind will be completely out of control. I got tired of having so many photoshoots ruined by the weather--especially when you spend hours planning outfits and getting the whole family ready.

My best-kept secret: Take perfect family photos year-round in a local greenhouse!

We love, love our local greenhouse. So many people go there to take photos. We've taken our family photos, I've taken blog photos, friends have taken blog photos there, and we also took my brother-in-law & sister-in-law's engagement photos there. It's always the perfect temperature year-round, so even if it's thirty degrees out and you want to wear a pretty floral dress, you can, because it's 80 degrees inside! In all honesty, by the time I'm done a photoshoot, I've started to break a sweat. haha!

The key to taking uninterrupted photos in a greenhouse is to find a gorgeous aisle off to the side and towards the back. Usually, we're shooting with our 50mm lens and will shoot in across the main aisle, but even on a busy day, we only had to stop shooting for a brief moment to let a few families pass through.

Also, since I know it will probably come up, or you might be thinking it now, I'd like to point out that everyone does an amazing job at social distancing. Since we were in an aisle off to the side, we were about 15-20 feet away from anyone else, so I felt completely comfortable removing my mask.

While we were shooting our family photos, Chris took the pics of me and Bentley, and I took the photos of him and Bentley. We are so lucky that my in-laws live close by and were able to meet us there to take the photo of the three of us. I love, love anytime we are able to get a photo of the three of us--that one is definitely getting printed.

Usually, after we're done shooting, we'll wander around the greenhouse and pick out a couple succulents or plants as a little thank you for the greenhouse owners allowing people to use it as a gorgeous backdrop.

So, there ya have it--my best-kept secret for taking family photos!

P.S. Look at this gorgeous ring shot I got of my sister-in-law's ring during their engagement shoot a couple years ago!

Have you ever taken photos in a greenhouse before?!

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