As a new Mama, we're naturally more cautious & observant, and even before our sweet baby is here in our arms, we are naturally more particular with the items and products we choose to use for our baby. And guess what?! That's called being an amazing Mama!

I wanted to put together a list of my favorite newborn essentials and I'm sharing a little bit about them + why/how they've been helpful to me & my husband! Our little dude is three months old, so not only have I been trying out these products for the first time over the course of these three months, I have loved using them, and use pretty much all of them daily.

Newborn Essentials I Could Not Live Without

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HALO Bassinet + Extra HALO Bassinet Sheets

Okay, this is the first thing on my list for good reason. This bassinet is worth every dang penny. We originally had a different bassinet that was gifted to us off our registry. It was a travel bassinet, so I thought it would be perfect to keep it temporarily in our room and bring it to my parent's or in-law's house if we went there for the day. Whelp, the night we got home from the hospital, we put Bentley in the travel bassinet, and it was so wobbly that he flipped over right on his face. Talk about a scary moment.

Instantly, we knew that he would not be able to use that one, so first thing in the morning, Chris ran over to Target and got the HALO. When I tell you this bassinet is amazing, I'm going to say it again, because it's life-changing. This bassinet is worth the money and you will not regret it. I love that it has a mesh surround and Mamas--it swivels and bends down. After having a baby--whether naturally or by C-Section, you are not going to be able to move easily, hold yourself up, or bend, so the fact that you can swivel it towards yourself in bed and then the front bends in (it locks in place, too!), it makes it easier to take your baby out and put them back in. I know I used the side of the bassinet to help me get Bentley in and out, because my ab muscles were (and still are haha!) non-existent.

10/10 recommend the HALO. You will also want to get the HALO bassinet sheets. My biggest piece of advice with bassinet sheets--buy extras. In one night you might go through two or three of them due to an overwhelming amount of spit up or the inevitable blow out. If you're lazy a genius like us, when he spits up, we rotate the mattress so that the spit up is at his feet, especially if it's in the middle of the night.

The Nanit is the only other pricey item I'm sharing in this post, but I promise you, it's worth it. We splurged on the Nanit monitor because as a baby, I stopped breathing--twice. I know that I was terrified of the same thing happening to my baby, so I needed to know that while he was sleeping, he was okay.

The Nanit monitor uses special breathing bands or a swaddle--whichever your baby likes best, to track and monitor their breathing. Bentley hates being swaddled--even at two days old, so we've always been using the breathing bands. You wrap it around their chest and secure it with the velcro strips and let the monitor do its thing.

If we leave Bentley in the HALO for a nap or to let him continue sleeping in the morning, we can keep the Nanit app open on our phone or iPad and use it as a monitor. Once we transition Bentley into his crib, we'll be able to use it in there, too! For his bassinet, we used the multi-stand mount and attached it to a camera tripod. For his crib, we will use the wall mount since it will be permanent for a few years in his nursery.

These are our favorite diapers. We also love Huggies, but there's something about Pampers Pure that keeps me hooked. I personally love that they are dye & fragrance-free, so they are less likely to irritate your baby's skin! Bentley has never experienced diaper rash while using these, and he's never had a diaper leak or cause a blowout. We've tried other brands of diapers, but they never last as long, and he'll wake up in the middle of the night because he's wet. With Pampers Pure, he stays asleep all night (8-9 hours), and wakes up with a full diaper, but not a leaking diaper.

When I was preparing to go back to work once maternity leave was over, Chris and I needed to think of a solution for where he could put him down to nap or play while he was working or on a video conference call. That's when we discovered the Lulyboo Lounge To-Go. I actually saw another blogger chatting about it in her Instagram stories, and that's how I originally discovered it. Immediately, I had to check it out and see for myself what was so amazing about it.

Now, I'm the type of shopper that leaves the browser open overnight, and if I still want it, I'll buy it in a day or two. Well, the very next day, I went to open my browser, and I noticed that Lulyboo reached out to me saying they wanted to partner together. True story!!! That's when I knew that Lulyboo was definitely going to be a great fit for our family. It was meant to be!

There are a few features of the Lulyboo Lounge To-Go that I personally love and is what truly sold me on the Lulyboo Lounge To-Go. Not only is it safe for sleeping (thank you, breathable fabric!), it folds up into a convenient backpack if you're on-the-go. It also has a waterproof base, a removable canopy to use outside, and on top of all of that, it comes with two lounge pads and is completely machine washable!

Bentley has been playing more independently now, so he love, loves the toys you attach to the removable activity bar. The Lounge To-Go is definitely going to come in handy for us this summer. We plan on heading to my parent's house and then to the beach with my in-laws for overnight trips, so now Bentley will have a safe place to sleep.

Lulyboo also sent me their Changing Kit, and Chris has pretty much stolen it from me to use since I usually put everything I need in my handbag/totes when we head out. The Lulyboo changing kit has four different sized pockets, so not only can we put diapers & wipes in it, we can put a change of clothes, too! If Chris has to run out with Bentley, he has everything he needs all a compact kit. Also, this diaper changing kit is magical, because the diaper pocket doubles as a headrest--seriously so smart.

Be sure to use my code: KRISTEN15 for 15% off your Lulyboo purchase!!

Nobody wants to smell stinky diapers, so, do yourself a favor and buy a diaper genie for every floor in your house. We have one in our room (that will go into his nursery when he's in there permanently), and we have one next to his changing table in the living room. We stuff our Diaper Genie before we empty it, and it holds days--almost a week's worth of diapers, and we never smell any odors coming out of it during the week. It is so easy to use and it makes discarding dirty diapers so easy--especially with the foot pedal for hands-free use.

Convenience is key when it comes to changing a diaper, and well, pretty much everything now that there's a baby in the mix. The Bumbo changing pad does not require a changing pad cover, so if your baby gets poop or pee on the changing pad, all you do is simply wipe it off with a wipe! When you go to change a baby, sometimes they instinctively start to pee or poop when you take off their diaper--this has happened so many times, but the Bumbo changing pad is so easy to clean, it doesn't even phase me. It's stress-free & convenient.

A lot of people say you don't need a wipe warmer, but I disagree--especially if you have a boy. For the first week or so, we hadn't had the chance to set up our wipe warmer, so every time we went to change Bentley, he'd start peeing everywhere, and I mean everywhere. As soon as we started using the wipe warmer, getting changed and wiped wasn't a huge shock, so he didn't get startled and start peeing anymore. Wipe warmers are game-changers. Plus, who wants a cold wipe on their butt first thing in the morning?! Get that baby a warm wipe for their booty!

If it has snaps or buttons, don't even begin to think about using it for pajamas. At 2 in the morning, you're not going to have the energy or the brainpower to magically match up all of the snaps or buttons--that's where 2-Zip onesies come in handy. Zip, Zip, and you're done! Save the snaps or buttons for cute outfits during the daytime.

I have to sleep with a sound machine. It comes with the territory of currently living in a construction zone, but even still, sound machines are heavenly. I brought mine to the hospital with me, and I was so thankful to have it. Bentley got used to the sound from day one, and we've had it on my nightstand ever since. We play the simple white noise setting, and it helps block out random noises and it helps create a calming sleeping atmosphere.

When we are giving Bentley his last feeding for the night, we will dim the lights down, turn on the sound machine, and I think he knows that it's sleepy-time, because once his bottle is finished, he burps, and drifts off to sleep for the night.

Whether you get the baby book that I have linked or you find another or make your own, get yourself a baby book to help you document your baby's life. The one I have linked goes all the way to 5-years old & the first day of Kindergarten, which I love. It also has modern designs and isn't too "kiddish" looking. I have it on the shelf in our built-ins, and it looks like a gorgeous styled book.

These wood rounds are the cutest addition to your weekly & monthly photoshoots. There are even ones for your baby's first smile, 100 days old, and for in the hospital when they are born! They are such amazing quality and a really great price, too!

You will need a pile of burp cloths everywhere you look--on every floor, in your diaper bag, extras in the car, on the couch, on your nightstand. Honestly, just stock up on them, because you will always need one. My Mama handmade us tons of them, but since I can't link those, I'm linking my favorite ones that I was given as a gift! They work so well and really clean up spit up/drool with ease.

A diaper caddy or a basket is key for organization. My neighbor gave us this diaper caddy full of gifts for Bentley, and along with everything she gave us, we've used this diaper caddy every day. We currently have it on our dresser stocked full of diapers, wipes, baby lotion, his hairbrush, and a few other random things, and let me tell ya, it makes life so easy to have everything all organized in one place. On our changing table downstairs, we use this wicker basket to hold diapers.

I love, love using the ToteSavvy Deluxe Bag Organizer. It seriously holds and organizes so much, and turns any tote into a stylish diaper bag. The removable organizer has ten pockets including a laptop pocket, which is perfect for Mamas on the go, and also a double-wide cooler pocket that's big enough for a spare bottle of formula! At the very bottom, there is also a rolled mat that can be used for diaper changes while you're out and about.

The ToteSavvy Bag Organizers come in different sizes as well, so be sure to check out their other sizes, the ToteSavvy Original and ToteSavvy Mini. If you're not a tote girl like I am, they also offer a Crossbody Change Kit! Lastly, one of my other favorites from ToteSavvy is their Travel Organizer. When we take Bentley on overnight trips to my parent's house, we love to utilize the travel organizer so all of Bentley's clothes and toiletries are all together.

Babies love, love high contrasting and bright things, so having high contrast books on hand is exciting entertainment for a newborn. Bentley can be screaming like crazy, and I show him a book, and he gets so happy & focused on the pictures. They're magic--pure magic.

Boogies are inevitable and so are sticky fingers, formula drips into your baby's neck, and even lint in between their toes. I love to use a Boogie wipe to wipe Bentley's face, neck, hands, and feet every day. I will usually use it morning & night, and usually at least once during the day as well. They are formulated with Aloe, Chamomile, and Vitamin E, so they are super gentle on the skin, and they're full of goodness to help keep your babies skin clean, germ-free, and soft. 

It was just up until the last couple of weeks that Bentley hasn't needed gas drops before every feeding, but when he did, they were a life-saver. Bentley would scream after every feeding because his tummy would hurt, he'd have acid reflux, and end up throwing up everything he had just eaten. We started using Gas Drops before every feeding, and he wouldn't spit up as much and he wasn't screaming after every meal. We consulted with our pediatrician, so be sure to check with yours before using them--you might need to ask about switching formulas or changing your diet if you are breastfeeding. Either way, always consult your doctor first! :)

In the olden days, you just washed your baby in the kitchen sink. Whelp, I tried it, it's awful, and this baby tub is the perfect three-stage tub for your newborn and little one up to 25 pounds. Bentley loves to splash in his little tub and it's so much more convenient to only have to fill up a tiny baby tub where you can safely set them in and the netting helps support their head as you are washing them. *Note: Please don't leave your baby unattended--not even for a second.

A thick, hooded towel is also a must! I've found that the thick towels work best and it also keeps Bentley warm after a bath. He loves a super warm bath and so I scoop him out of his tub, quickly wrap him up in his towel, put the hood on, and hold him close to me to keep him warm as he dries off.

Activity gyms are perfect for practicing supervised tummy time and for also laying your baby on their back to play. Bentley is now 3 months old and is starting to love laying on his back talking to his toys that hang down. The activity gym that I linked is super aesthetically pleasing, has adorable toys, has a reversible mat, and has a mirror! Babies love to stare at themselves in the mirror, and when they do, it's the cutest thing ever. We're able to leave Bentley to play on his activity gym for 30 minutes or so while we eat dinner, clean up, or simply need him occupied for a little bit. Of course, we are right there in the room with him, but allowing him to independently play now is huge!

People always suggest trying out several different brands of bottles, so we had three brands to try, and let me tell you, Avent won by a landslide. We actually threw the other ones away because they were horrible. The other brands leaked and simply weren't good quality. We love the Avent bottles and I highly recommend the starter kit that I have linked. It has bottles, a bottle brush, and pacifiers! Avent is actually the brand of pacifier that we received in the hospital as well. Bentley was too small for the ones I brought into the hospital, and he ended up using a premie Avent one for the first few weeks.

The Avent bottle warmer is amazing. It has a timer on it that has come in handy when the day is flying by. A bottle is only good for 1-hour once it's been warmed up, so once the light turns off, that bottle is no good anymore. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes you'll heat up a bottle for a screaming baby and they'll magically fall asleep as you're waiting for the bottle to heat up. At that point, take the loss of the formula and take the win that your baby is finally asleep.

The Avent sterilizer is also a must-have for us. When babies are super little, it's recommended to sterilize their bottles after washing them. It's super easy to use, you put your bottles, nipples, and lids in it, fill the bottom with the proper amount of water, put it in the microwave, and boom--you have sanitized bottles.

P.S. We've been using this bottle soap.

Ever since I myself was a kid, seeing babies with caked up, snotty noses, and dirty ears always makes me cringe, and I told myself I would always make sure my baby was a clean bean. I have been loving the Johnson safety swabs to clean Bentley's ears and nose. They are safety swabs, so they only allow you to go so far in, so you don't accidentally shove a Q-Tip into your baby's ear or nose!

Infant Tylenol is one of those things where you hope you won't really need it, but it's best to have it on hand. We've only had to use it once, and it was after Bentley's 2-Month shots. Our pediatrician gave us a heads up that the shots & vaccinations that he received might make him develop a slight fever and be uncomfortable for a day or two, and it was safe to give him some infant Tylenol. He never developed much of a fever, but I could tell he was super uncomfortable, so I ended up giving him a couple of doses throughout the days following his vaccinations, and it helped him feel better.

Okay, last, but certainly not least, Folex!!! If you haven't heard of Folex before, you need it. It is by far the best stain remover ever! There have been countless times where Bentley has spit up on the couch, on us, and on the rug, and we've sprayed the stain with Folex, and it comes right out. It's magical, and I am forever obsessed with it. Yes, it's a little pricier than most cleaning products, but I promise you, it's worth it. Plus, a little goes a long way, so it lasts for months & months!

There you have it--all of the newborn essentials that I could not live without over the past three months and for a while still, I'm sure.

What are some newborn essentials that you could not live without?

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