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Over the past year, our homes have become so much more than just our homes. They've become our home offices, daycare locations, family hangout spots, and on top of all of that, it's also supposed to be a place where we can unwind after a long day. Honestly, being home all the time can be stressful. That's why we need to make sure we're all doing a few things to not only keep ourselves sane, but to create the perfect calming atmosphere for ourselves so that we can be our best selves yet.

I'll be sharing four ways to create a calming atmosphere in your home. It's all about creating a space that caters to your soul and senses. Everything from what you see, smell, and feel. Those are all things that play a part in creating that atmosphere we all long for in our homes.

One // Eliminate the clutter & mess

There is nothing more stressful to me than a messy and cluttered home. If my mind can't get calm, then I'm not able to relax and unwind from the day. Every night after dinner, I try to clean up the kitchen and main living area, throw in a load of laundry, and put away clothes from the dryer. If the house doesn't need a full clean or we don't have a lot of time (hello, new baby!), I like to do a 5-minute clean-up. In those five minutes, Chris and I will clean up as much as we can, and it honestly makes the biggest difference. Every night, take at least five minutes to clean up your home, and I promise you, you'll be able to relax and unwind so much easier.

If you want to take this another step further, purge what you don't need and don't use. The less clutter taking up space in your home, the less you have to clean up in the first place! Over the past year as Chris and I have taken our new house and created a home, we've purged and reorganized because we realized that less is more when creating a home we love.

Pro Tip: Not every space or surface needs to be decorated or filled with something. Blank space is a good thing.

Two // Use calming and serene scents

I always love walking into a room and being pleasantly surprised with a scent that brings on calming and serene vibes. What's one thing that immediately makes you calm and happy? Anytime I think of being at the beach, I think of waves crashing over my feet, the sun shining on my face, and happiness. Pure happiness. That's why I'm so excited to share with you the Limited Edition Glade® Sky & Sea Salt product line.

The Glade® PlugIns® Plus warmer along with the Glade® Sky & Sea Salt PlugIns® Scented Oil Refills are the perfect addition to any large space. Our kitchen, dining room, and living rooms are all on the same floor in one open-concept space, so we love to use the Glade® PlugIns® Plus warmer.

Something that I love is that the new Glade® PlugIns Plus with Rest Mode features an 8-hour rest cycle, so you can enjoy fragrance on your schedule and never have to waste a scent. You can also twist the top of the Glade® PlugIns® Plus warmer to adjust the strength of scent. We usually have it set at its lowest setting for a subtle ambiance in the room. It also has an automatic shut-off that turns off when empty to save energy.

Three // Decorate spaces to make you feel happy

When you're decorating your home, decorate it in a way that makes you nothing less than happy. I'm not talking about a full decor overhaul, but don't we all wish?! I mean simple things that don't break the budget. Add a pretty book and candle to your coffee table, pick out a bouquet of fresh flowers the next time you're at the market, or finally get that photo printed and put it in a gorgeous frame where you can see it every day. It's the little details that bring the most joy, and we could all use a little more joy & happiness in our lives.

I love, love the Glade® Sky & Sea Salt Candle. It's the perfect size for a coffee or accent table, and it's the prettiest shade of blue. I have mine on the coffee table in our living room. Remember how I was saying less is more before? Remember that as you're decorating your home. Fill it with decor and pieces that make you happy, and remove the things that no longer serve their purpose. I try to decorate with meaningful items and decor that can be used throughout the year.

Four // Keep bedrooms & living rooms cozy

There is nothing more calming to me than a bed or couch filled with comfy pillows and cozy blankets. Your bedroom and living room should be a place to relax, unwind, and let the stress of your day melt away. Before we head to bed, Chris and I like to watch a tv show or movie to unwind. This is also usually the time when Bentley is already asleep, and we're able to relax just the two of us.

In our family room downstairs, we have a whole setup that's perfect for movie nights, and the walls are painted darker to put you in immediate relaxation mode. Usually, I love when spaces are light & bright, but Chris convinced me to paint this room darker, and I'm obsessed. It just adds an extra layer of cozy.

On one of our side tables, I have a Glade® Automatic Spray Holder with the Glade® Sky & Sea Salt 6.2 oz Automatic Spray Refill. I love that the Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection offers clean scents, is consciously crafted, and is aesthetically pleasing to fit in with any style of decor.

The Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection is the perfect addition to a spring refresh and to help you create a calming atmosphere in your home.

You can purchase this limited-edition fragrance at Shoprite and

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