Aug 9, 2021

 Lash changing results in 3...2...1...

The Borboleta Lash Serum has truly changed my lash game. I had short, non-existent lashes before using the Lash Serum, and now I feel that they look fuller, darker, and longer!! I even started getting asked if I was wearing lash extensions! Nope, girlfriend, they are my natural lashes, and I am so thankful.

Here's a little bit about my lash journey.

A few years ago, I wanted those gorgeous, luscious lashes that you see in the magazines. Reality Check: They're not real. I ended up trying out lash extensions from a new lash salon, and can I tell you something?! They ruined my natural lashes. I used to have perfect lashes, and then I just had to have those lash extensions...I mean, they looked amazing for a whole week until MY actual lashes started to fall out.

 One by one, I lost my lashes, and then as they started to grow back, they grew back stubby and light. They weren't the dark brown I was used to them being. I suffered through years of having to put on false lashes for events, a million coats of mascara, and then scrubbing off said mascara...until my lash game changed forever.

My friends at Borboleta Beauty reached out to me and I thought, "What's the worst that could happen?! My lashes are already at their worst." SO, I gave the Lash Serum a try. Before sharing any of my journey with you before, I tried out the Lash Serum for eight weeks and y'all, the results are insane!!

I started to use the Lash Serum every night (well, almost every night!), and I started to see real results in as little as four weeks. I kept using it until the eight-week mark, and with just ten seconds a day for eight weeks, I not only changed my lash game, but I boosted my confidence as well.

Here's the facts:

Borboleta Lash Serum is formulated with plant-based stem cells for healthier lashes. It has Biotin, Keratin, and Peptides to condition and nourish your lashes, and the pumpkin seed extract has fatty and amino acids to give your lashes a more voluminous look. The Lash Serum is also cruelty & fragrance-free.

I don't know what it is about seeing my lashes look the way they do now, but gosh is it a huge confidence booster. I barely have to put any mascara on now and my lashes look and feel healthier. This serum is worth every penny, and it will forever be part of my beauty routine.

If you want to give Borboleta a try, they have a darling Get Obsessed Lash Care Kit for you to try all of my favorite lash care items out, including the Lash Serum!

Have you tried the Borboleta Lash Serum?!

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