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Is this year flying by or what?! I feel like every time I blink, another month has passed. In case you missed it on Instagram, I started a new position at work (I'm officially a store manager of one of the highest volume/exposed stores in my company!) so this means I have been working my full-time job a ton! I love, love my job, so that makes the craziness worth it all, it just means that I don't have as much time for blogging as I used to.

The good news for you, you'll know that whenever I post about a product or brand, I truly love it--and today's brand is Wayfair. I have searched all throughout Wayfair to find the perfect pieces to make our house a home, and today, I'm sharing a few new pieces I've added to our living room.

Since it's September, you know I had to decorate for fall...because September 1st is the unofficial first day of fall. haha! I added a few simple basics to our new coffee table, which is one of the stars of today's post, but first, I'm going to highlight the amazing fiddle leaf fig tree that you see in the corner!

It is such amazing quality and it's so fluffy and full. I have a thing for added greenery in our home, and I've been wanting a larger-scale fiddle leaf fig tree on a budget.

Up next, the official show-stopper...our new coffee table. Isn't it beautiful!? We had a gorgeous coffee table before. It was gold & glass...but glass with an infant made us a little nervous. Chris & I ended up deciding to go on Wayfair and pick our top three favorites and if any of our top three overlapped, that was the coffee table for us! Well, this one we both fell in love with and ended up scooping up for our space.

It fits perfectly with our sectional and I love the wood tone and scalloped details.
It really helps to warm up our space and create a homey aesthetic.

I haven't even told you the best part about this coffee table.

It has a lift top!!!

Chris and I really love this feature and the added storage it has as well. It's so convenient because Chris is still working from home and watching Bentley at the same time, so the lift can be used as a workspace. #DadOfTheYear

It's also super convenient to hold our nighttime milk & Oreos. haha!

Below, I also linked our living room rug we purchased on Wayfair back in 2019. We've had this since the day we moved into our home, and we love it. It's durable, beautiful, and cleans rather easy for a light-colored rug.

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Lift Top Coffee Table

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Double-Sided Baby Play Mat (I purchased this as well and Bentley LOVES it--I'll share it on Instagram stories!)

Area Rug

What are some of your favorite pieces you've found on Wayfair?!

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