Jan 27, 2022

 Why wait for spring to come around when it comes to a good cleaning and a little home refresh?! I love, love to redecorate, and give my home a refresh right after the holidays. My home goes from red & plaid to blush & creams, and it’s the perfect light & bright color palette to get me through the dreary winter days.

First up on what I hope to be a mini-series is the main bedroom! Our bedroom was in need of a major cleaning. I started by organizing our dresser drawers, clearing out the closet, bagging up several bags of clothes that I no longer fit into postpartum, and dusted for what I’m pretty sure was the first time since before Bentley was born.

This refresh is much more than cleaning our room—it was a day of self-care. Your bedroom should be a haven to go to at night, and for me, it was messy. We had clothes piled everywhere, my vanity was covered in makeup, our linens needed to be changed, and everywhere I looked, I just saw clutter. I knew I needed to clean our room first, and once I started, I kept going through the whole house. It felt so good to see our house turn back into a home.

Now, as you’re looking at pictures of our bedroom, I would like to remind you: the internet is not real life. Will our room look like these photos tomorrow? Probably not. I have a one-year-old and a husband. Haha! But, I wanted to share some inspiration for color palettes and simple decor that can help your room feel like a haven at night.

Do you like a blush & creamy color palette for the winter?!

Stay tuned for a few other winter refreshes. If all goes to plan, I’m hoping to share a mini update to our spare room (this includes a new gallery feature wall & light fixture!), our dining room/kitchen combo, and the living room. This mini-series sparked from a conversation with a friend on Instagram—she wasn’t quite sure how to decorate during this transition time before spring and after the holidays, so I hope my inspiration helps y’all!

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