Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Figuring out a gift for a new Mama can be somewhat challenging. What does she really need? Does she have it already? Will someone else get this for her? Well, today, I'm sharing twelve go-to gifts for new Mamas that are perfect no matter what. They were things that I loved and appreciated during my first few months postpartum and still use now a little over a year later.

I thought that it would be so cute to put together a little gift tote for a new Mama using the ToteSavvy Deluxe removable insert as the perfect gift starter. It has the perfect amount of pockets to add all of the other goodies!

I also had a little helper for today's post, too. He's the cutest, but I'm a little biased. 😊

I love, love my ToteSavvy Deluxe bag organizer. It's the perfect way for Mamas to continue using the tote or handbag they love without sacrificing functionality and organization. The ToteSavvy Deluxe is perfect for the Mama on-the-go that always has their laptop with them. It has a protective laptop sleeve, a built-in cooler large enough to fit two bottles, 10 pockets for everything from diapers, an extra change of clothes, toys, and don't forget the snacks, and it is made from wipeable nylon, so messes clean off easy. Mom win!

ToteSavvy also has other size options like the ToteSavvy Original and the ToteSavvy
 Mini. If you or the Mama-to-be that you're shopping for who doesn't need their laptop with them on a daily basis, the Original or the Mini could be the perfect option!

Every new Mama needs a book to document the joys of each month of the baby's first year and then the years following. This book is set up in a cute, modern way, and can be filled out any way chosen. There are prompts to answer to help remember the big moments, and space to write in the tiny details, too.

There are blank pages to allow extra photos, but the thing I love the most is that there are spaces for firsts. Whether it's the first holidays, first steps, first tooth, etc. It's a cute, styled book that can be left out as part of home decor, too!

Get your girl a Starbucks gift card. Chris would randomly bring me Starbucks and it would be such a treat. She'll appreciate it more than you think.

Two coats of mascara are all that stand in the way of feeling human again. The first weeks and months aren't the easiest, and every new Mama loves to take a few minutes for herself. Mascara is the quickest and easiest way to add a little glam with minimal effort.

A cute headband goes a long way when it comes to feeling cute postpartum. I remember sitting on the couch, hair all a mess, no makeup except mascara, and these headbands made me feel so much better. A little boost is all that's needed during those days.

Let's be real. New Mamas don't always have the chance or the energy to wash and style their hair. I remember washing my hair and curling it for the first time and it was such a magical thing. Well, what do new Mamas need in between washes?! Amazing hair products to help her look and feel her best. Dry Shampoo works wonders and is heaven-sent, and Dry Volume Blast gives that extra boost new Mamas need--especially on days that visitors are coming over to see the new little addition.

Lip Balm is such a simple gift addition, but it's truly one of the best. If a new Mama has on her mascara, a little lip balm, and just sprayed a little dry shampoo in her hair, she is unstoppable.

Our Polaroid camera was one of my favorite things I bought during my pregnancy and used throughout for bump photos, taking photos in the hospital, and taking photos for Bentley's First Years book. There's something about having a photo printed that instant to cherish forever that feels so special. I have nothing but huge smiles on my face when I see the Polaroid photos we took in the hospital. I especially love the Polaroids we took of Bentley with everyone at his first birthday party. Give the gift of cherished memories!

I love my new title as Mama and this necklace has brought up so many sweet conversations with other Mamas. It's a "we're all in this together" necklace. It's also a dainty style and goes with anything--whether casual or dressy.

New Mamas do lots of baby snuggling on the couch, so soft and cozy blankets are a necessity. Be sure to splurge on a cozy blanket for her and her new baby. In fact, Bentley loves to cuddle under ours and he'll carry it over to me to bundle us up in.

No matter what brand you go with, grab an aromatherapy lotion. Sometimes when you're stressed out, especially during the first few weeks after the baby is born, a relaxing bath and lotion afterward can be just what the new Mama needs.

I hope this helps you put together a darling gift for a first-time mama in your life.

What else would you add or love to receive?!

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