Bentley love, loves bath time, and we thought what better way to make it even more fun for him than to give it a little refresh just for him! It all started out with getting him new LEGO bath toys, and then I found the rug & shower curtain, and we went from there. Everything was from Target, so I'll call that a mom-win.

My favorite part as Bentley and I were walking around Target was that he was helping me pick things out. I would grab two items and he'd choose which one he liked! Who knows if he actually knew what he was doing, but I loved that he felt included in the process. After all, it is all for his bathroom! He was so excited to help me hold things in the cart, too. He clung to his new soap dispenser for a little while, and then he was obsessed with his new toothbrush set. It's the little things that keep a toddler occupied and happy in Target while Mama shops.

When we got home, I washed all of his new towels and got ready to set up all of his new decor. Which, by the way, the whole reason I had to get all new towels was that his baby towels are all too small (cue the tears!) so he got all new ones just for him.

Having such a bright bathroom was never part of my home decor master plan, but as time goes by and I grow into my role as a boy mama, I've started to change my style--both personally and in the home, and I'm loving it!

I hope this inspires a space in your home for your little one.

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