It's no secret--becoming a Mama has been the absolute best thing that has happened to me. I have learned to finally love life again not because my life was bad, but because if I'm being real, I wasn't truly living my best life. I mean, for heaven's sake, my motto for my blog is "Stay classy, stay positive, and love the life you live. The world is at your fingertips, darling." How in the heck can I say that is my own motto if I'm not truly living it?!

Remember my last blog post from a couple of weeks ago? Where I gave a little Mama inspo?!

If you missed it, go read it: A DAY AT THE PARK + MAMA INSPO

Long story short, I shared a little bit about how I've been feeling lately on my motherhood journey. This year is a scary, but scary in a good way type of year for me. I'm finally jumping off the deep end and following my career dream. I've been in retail for just shy of eight years and I've been a retail manager for most of that career, and it's time for me to embark on a new journey...more on that to come!! BUT, I'm living what I am telling you. At this very moment, as I sit on my porch and write, I am finally living what I've been hoping, praying, and dreaming of. Your time is coming, Mama. It really is.

I thought today would be fun to share some of my favorite stylish "Mama" pieces that I have and love and then a couple are on my wishlist & in my shopping carts now! Everything from tees, necklaces, mugs, and more! These would all also make the cutest gifts for the new Mamas in your life.

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Mama Tee

I'm actually wearing this tee right now and I'm obsessed. It's seriously so cute and I love the green & pink color palette. Who doesn't love a cute, casual tee that you can throw on with a pair of denim or shorts and call it an outfit?!

Mama...Bruh Tee

Okay, this one is currently in my shopping cart and I need it ASAP. K thanks. I can just hear Bentley now. haha!

Mama Sweatshirt

This was one of my first Mama items actually and I love, love it. My bestie got it for me, and I'm constantly throwing it on with denim or leggings. It's my Target run outfit, for sure.

Mama Necklace

If you're looking for something stylish and subtle, this is it. I wear my Mama necklace pretty much every day. Unfortunately, the small boutique that I originally purchased mine from no longer sells it, so I found another online boutique with affordable pricing and great reviews!

Mama Travel Mug

This was in my Mother's Day gift basket, and I'm obsessed. We all know that coffee needs to be covered and concealed with a running toddler, so Chris bought me another cute mug to help hide my coffee and try to avoid spills. I mean, let's be real, spills are inevitable, but I should at least have a cute travel coffee mug, right?!

You're Doing Great Coffee Mug

I know this one doesn't necessarily say Mama on it, but I felt it was necessary to add. I've shared this mug on Instagram, and so many of you have loved it, too. I put this in a gift basket for one of my friends in my neighborhood that is a new Mama and she bought it for another new Mama, and there are a few more new Mamas in the neighborhood that I want to grab it for.

We could all use this little reminder because no matter how the day is going, you're doing great.

Mom Life Baseball Hat

I was never a huge baseball hat wearer, but ever since Bentley came along, there's something about throwing a hat over your day five hair that hits just right. Plus, the bottom of your hair usually still looks good, so might as well keep rockin' it. haha!

Cool Mom Baseball Hat

Obviously, we all need this hat 'cause we're the cool mom.

Mama Bracelet

I shared this bracelet when Bentley was first born--they are just the cutest. I actually ended up making some myself because a few years ago I used to have a jewelry business, so these were easy peasy to make. I made some for friends and family that were pregnant at the same time as me, too! If you're not crafty, Nordstrom sells a few different varieties for an affordable price!

Mama Keychain

This is another one on my wish list. It's such a cute keychain and the Mama version is leopard print--my favorite!

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I love, love all of these stylish Mama pieces, and thought you are someone you know might love them, too!

Happy shopping, Mama!

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