I'm not sure what's harder: figuring out what my toddler will eat or getting him to actually eat. Between growth spurts and teething, he either eats everything in sight, or he wants nothing to do with food at all. Growing kiddos need tons of nutrients, of course--they have to grow up big and strong! So, I wanted to share a few meals that Bentley love, loves, for lunch, and maybe your kiddo will, too.

Deconstructed Turkey Sandwich, Blueberries, and Goldfish //

Bentley loves turkey and cheese, so we do a deconstructed turkey sandwich. I just slice everything into bite-sized pieces for him to pick up separately since an actual sandwich is still a little too much for him to handle. Blueberries are his favorite fruit, so he eats blueberries with one meal a day. Seriously, the kid lights up when you pull blueberries out of the fridge. Goldfish are one of his favorite snacks, so I usually put some on his plate at lunch or he'll snack on them after lunch while we watch Mickey or Bluey!

Deconstructed Chicken Burger & Air Fried Tator Tots //

Whether you prefer beef, a vegan burger, or a chicken burger, you can still use this same concept! I cut up about half a burger (we melt cheese on it, too!), slice a couple of pickles, raw onion, and tomatoes. I also cut 2-3 Air Fried Tator tots for him. If you're still stuck on the fact that my child eats pickles and raw onions...yep. He loves them. haha! Since the plate we use for him is segmented, I use the center of it for ketchup, and he dips his tots and burger in it!

Toddler Charcuterie Board //

Little man loves cheese and fruit like his Mama. Every once in a while, we will skip meat during either lunch or dinner and do a vegetarian-type dish. Most of the time, if it's me preparing it, I'll make us both a mini charcuterie board of our favorite fruits we have on hand. I love doing sliced cheese for him since cubed cheese is a little harder for him to chew. He loves Ritz crackers, so he usually has two, and then I load him up on his favorite fruits we have at the time. He loves blueberries as I mentioned before, but he also loves grapes (please cut your toddler's grapes in quarters!!), peaches, and more recently, he's loving apples. 

Eggs, Waffles, and Fruit //

 Say hello to your newest go-to meal that's perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We've been loading Bentley up with protein since he's still under the 10th percentile for weight. He's a tiny little peanut; always has been, and always will be. I mean, he was 6 lb 2.5 oz, when he was born, so he's always been on the tiny side, but our pediatrician told us to try and get him to eat just a little more protein, so he suggested eggs! Turns out, Bentley loves scrambled eggs with a little cheese melted on top. I also started introducing strips of waffles so he can practice biting off pieces and dipping them into syrup. Who knew meal time was the perfect time for motor skills lesson?! Of course, it wouldn't be a meal without some sort of fruit for Bentley, and without fail, blueberries are in our house, always.

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Don't forget to grab the Divided Plate for your little one. I'm so glad we got this for meal time! We also love, love using these silicone bibs--they're so easy to clean!

What's your toddler's favorite lunch?!

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