Monday, June 12, 2023

I always love a salad in the summertime. There's something so refreshing about a salad, and then you add my favorite fruits?! Sold! When I was making this salad, I stole the last of the strawberries while Bentley was napping (he always eats all the strawberries and blueberries in the house), and I let myself enjoy them, because one: I never get any before Bentley eats them all and two: oh my gosh they tasted like candy!

So let's get into this because it's not really a recipe. It's more of a suggestion of yummy things to throw in a bowl that taste delish together. I know a lot of people share berry salads all summer long, but I promise, this combo is perfection.

I'll start out with the salad dressing I used--a little backward, I know! It was actually the first time I had ever gotten anything from Briannas before, and I got excited, because most dressings have dyes in them, and I can't have them, but this one has no dyes in it. The Blush Wine dressing is not the healthiest salad dressing, but it's also not the worst. But let's be real, when I eat a salad, it's not to eat's to eat something yummy that's also goodish for you, too.

Here's what I put in my salad:

A huge handful of organic spring mix

A handful of blueberries

3-4 strawberries cut into slices

A handful of walnuts sprinkled throughout

A spoonful of feta sprinkled on top

A drizzle of Briannas Blush Wine Salad Dressing

It's seriously so easy to make, and oh so delish, too!

Blog Update: June 2023

I wanted to come back a year later to say that I am still loving this salad and dressing combo for the summertime. Adding into the mix, Brianna's released a NEW Sugar-Free Blush Wine Vinaigrette, and it's just as delicious. I've been living for this salad combo, and know that you'd love it, too!

Have you ever made a salad like this before?!

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