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It's inevitable--kids are little germ magnets, but there's a way to keep them (and you!) safe and germ-free. Whether you’re on the go with your little one like me, or your kiddos are headed back to school, Olika Life will help you & your family stay germ-free.

If you've never heard of Olika before, they're an Ultra-Hydrating Hand Sanitizing Mist that's perfect for the playground, while you're out running errands, or before lunch at school. They even have a clip--a perfect way to keep it on their backpack!

Olika Life hand sanitizers help keep you and your family safe while using clean and good-for-you ingredients that are effective against 99.9% of germs. I love, love that they smell SO good and the formula is ultra-hydrating offering 24-hour hydration. They're made with hyaluronic acid and aloe, so your skin isn't left feeling dry, which is especially important as we head into cooler weather. Since it's a misting spray, it won't leave your hands feeling sticky or gooey, either.

If that wasn't amazing enough already, their packaging is fun and bright to encourage kids to stay consistent with their sanitizing routine. It's also sustainable holding 300+ sprays and is refillable, reusable, and recyclable. Bentley and I love the scent Unstoppable that's part of the Back to School Essentials Collection.

So, what are you waiting for?! Ditch your traditional hand sanitizer and send your kiddos out in style with an Olika Mighty Mist. You can find them at your local Walmart. You can click here to find a store near you!

Have you tried Olika Hand Sanitizers before?!

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