This past week, I picked up this gorgeous console table on sale, and I am obsessed with it! We needed something for this space that provided a little storage for the living room, but also fits our style. It also matches our new coffee table! There are so many console tables out there, and when I saw it, I just knew it was going to be perfect for this space.

The only thing on the top of the console table that is non-negotiable is the HomePod. It's our go-to for music for dance parties with Bentley, setting kitchen timers, checking the weather, and more! The good thing is the HomePod is white, so it doesn't clash with decor, and almost blends right in.Living life with a very active toddler means that anything breakable that's within his tiny hand's reach should just not be there, so the bottom shelf will stay empty, otherwise, something will get broken or thrown down the stairs. haha! If you don't have grabby, destructive little hands running around, you could add a tray, books, or baskets at the bottom for extra storage or decor.Whenever I decorate, I try to make it look beautiful and functional. You don't want the console table to look cluttered, so choose a few special pieces to showcase and leave it at that. Like I said, the HomePod is non-negotiable, so I wanted to make it look like it's part of the decor by putting it on a stack of styled and aesthetically pleasing books. This helps something that's purely functional look styled and beautiful, too!I love, love photos, so I wanted to feature this gorgeous print that my brother gifted me when I was in high school. I've had it in a couple of spots over the years, but I thought it was perfect for the console table.I tried to decorate this console table without purchasing any new decor, and I'm so proud of myself because I shopped my house for this decor! I added an amber vase I found last year in the Target dollar spot with some faux wheat and a neutral candle. Now, I'm ready for sweater weather, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and another cup of coffee.

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What do you think?! Are you ready for fall yet?!

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