A special thanks to Battat Toys for sponsoring today's post. All opinions are mine alone.

Bentley is loving his new toys from Battat Toys. They were so generous to send him a couple of new toys that I am so, so excited to share with you.

Bentley is a tinkerer. He is a very hands-on type learner, and he gets that from both of his parents. We are a family that loves to learn by doing, which leads to very creative and curious minds. Bentley loves to figure out how things work, are put together, or his favorite, how you take things apart.

Ever since I started working from home, Bentley has begun to play independently a little more often so that Chris and I can get our work done. Of course, I’m always looking for new ways for him to play & learn, and these toys from Battat are perfect for just that!

Shape Sorter House is the perfect way for him to tinker around while learning shapes, colors, hand-eye coordination, and enhancing his fine motor skills. I love that it has all of the basic shapes you'd expect, but it also has fun, unique shapes like a cat, car, and heart! It also has a handle on the top so you can easily put all of the shapes inside, lock the little doors on the house, and take it with you to the next room!

Wooden Passenger Train set is so cute, and he loves pushing them around on his rug tracks. He couldn't wait for me to open the box, so he started opening it himself that's how excited he was when he saw them! It was the cutest thing ever. I personally love that they’re retro-styled, as they remind me of something I had as a kid!

What are your toddler's new favorite toys to play with lately?!

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