Thursday, September 22, 2022

 It's officially my favorite season, and no one can tell me it's not fall anymore!!! πŸ‚ Fall for me pretty much starts the second temperatures drop once, but we all know that the temps go back up again and we all suffer in our sweaters. #Willsufferforfall BUT, I'm sure you've heard the quote that's something like, "Dress like the fall you wish you had, not the one you have." haha! I'm totally the girl that sees that it's in the sixties and wearing a chunky knit sweater and then regrets it two hours later. It's's totally fine. Once fall weather is really here, we will all be ready!

I wanted to share some of my favorite fall fashion finds from my happy place: Target--especially before they sell out! A few of these pieces I just purchased, and the rest are on my wish list.

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Are any of these pieces on your wishlist?!

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