Monday, October 3, 2022

Ever since I started working from home, I started to notice all of the things that I wanted to change even more. When you spend all of your time at your house, you want it to look beautiful, but also be completely functional for you and your family. This past week, I shared on Instagram a few products from Amazon that helped me transform my kitchen and up my organization game. Let's get started!

One // Spice Jars & Labels

Originally, I had all of our spices in a turntable in the cabinet, and it ended up being the worst organization idea I've ever had. haha! We couldn't get to all of our spices, and most of the time, they'd end up falling or being stacked on top of each other.

This set of 24 glass jars with bamboo lids gave my spices the upgrade they needed. Even though I didn't get to finish all of my spices during naptime, I love how organized and beautiful this drawer looks. This set also has three different labels included, so you can pick the one that matches your home's style. I chose the square style as it matches the labels I have in our pantry.

The only disclaimer with these jars that I will give is to double-check the labels lists and make sure you'll have everything you need. I totally didn't think about the random spice mixes we have, and of course, there's no label for them that makes sense, so they'll end up staying in their original containers--otherwise, they're perfection.

Two // Baggie & Foil/Wrap Drawer

I am in love with these baggie organizers. If you saw my reel on Instagram, you saw how messy and unorganized it was. These baggie organizers are individual, which I personally would recommend so you can put them any way you need to fit best in your drawer.

Originally, I intended to have my wax paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap in an organizer as well, but once I got everything together, it ended up not fitting in my drawer and took up way more space than it needed. Since it didn't fit, I opted to put my foils/wraps behind the baggie organizers, which fit three perfectly, so I was excited. I then put the parchment paper to the side along with my chip clips, matches, and bamboo sticks, and I put my toothpicks for baking in a container instead of the baggie they were originally in.

Three // Utensil Drawer Organizer

This drawer organizer created a kitchen utensil heaven. It's so much easier to find things I need, because we all know, in every home, utensils end up getting shoved in a drawer, and then a spoon sticks up and jams the drawer. Don't do that anymore--seriously, grab this organizer.

It expands to fit the width of your drawer, and if your drawer is longer like mine, you can use the back of the drawer for additional storage. One thing I love about it is that you can choose to push the center of the organizer to a specific side to give one side a little more space. I slid mine to the left to allow more space on the right so that my wider utensils would fit.

One last awesome design function about this organizer--the front center slid to where there's a small gap where the drawer pull's screws fit right in that gap so the drawer organizer is flush against the drawer front. Most others would wabble--definitely a huge plus for me.

Four // 3 Tier K-Cup Carousel

This brand has three different sizes--3 tier, 5 tier, and 6 tier. The 3 tier carousel that I have hold 21 K-Cups. I love being able to go right into the same cabinet that has my coffee mugs and grab a mug, K-Cup, and start my coffee. It was also easy to assemble. So now, instead of having them thrown messily in where my spices are now, they have a functional and organized spot.

Five // Grocery Bag Holder

If you don't have a bag full of bags, are you even a mom? haha! I decided that it was time to order a grocery bag holder instead of keeping my Target bags inside of a ripping Target bag. It's even the small upgrades that help make a house a home.

I chose the Gray color option, but also love the Black if you have a similar style home!

Six // Bamboo Pasta Jars & Pantry Labels

When I gave our pantry a DIY makeover last year, I grabbed these jars to put our pasta in and also grabbed the labels. These labels have held up this past year, and I still love them as much as I did when I got them. These are the ones that are similar to the spice jar labels if you're looking to match throughout your kitchen.

Check out my Pantry DIY Makeover blog post to see the labels on even more!

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Happy organizing!

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