Monday, June 26, 2023

Having a baby changes literally everything about your life. From the clothes you wear, the way your home is decorated, your everyday routines, and anything else you can think of, it's affected by your little one. If there's one style thing that I refused to give up, it was my designer handbags and totes, but I found they weren't the most functional due to the lack of pockets and organization.

Well, that's where my friends at ToteSavvy come in to save the day! The bag organizer shown in today's post is the Canvas Original and I am obsessed with the way it looks in my Marc Jacobs Canvas Tote. It's a gorgeous combo for the fall. I'm also showing the smallest clear pouch from the Clear Pouch Trio Set. It's a go-to for me along with my bag organizer.

Inside my bag organizer, I have all of the essentials for both me and Bentley!

Diapers & Wipes

In every bag for mama and little one, you always have diapers and wipes. I always have Bentley's in the large pocket and it fits a whole pack of wipes and upwards of 10 diapers--depending on what you need that day.


If I don't have snacks while we're out and about, Bentley will get hangry. I wonder where he gets that from. haha! I always have a snack or two on hand for him and a snack for me, too!

Liquid I.V. + Reusable Water Bottle + Sippy Cup

I just recently started to use Liquid I.V. and mix it into my water, and y'all, I am hooked. I genuinely love all of the flavors I have tried so far, and it makes me actually want to drink water throughout the day. If you're newer to Liquid I.V. it's a hydration multiplier with 3X the electrolytes of sports drinks and has 5 essential vitamins: B3, B5, B6, B12, and Vitamin C. I personally love that it's Non-GMO and has no artificial ingredients and the flavors are delish.

If you're interested in grabbing anything from Liquid I.V., shop here so you get a 15% discount at checkout.

If 15% off doesn't automatically apply for you at checkout, use my code: ACLASSYFASHIONISTA

Keys + Key Fob Cover

Have you ever seen a prettier key fob cover? I saw a couple other peeps share this style on Instagram recently, and I knew I needed to grab one. If you search your car's model + key fob cover on amazon after clicking this link, it will come up with the right key fob cover for your car. I personally have the white, and this set comes with the key fob cover, gold key chain, and black strap. This gets 5 stars from me!

I feel like a wallet is a no-brainer haha!


I always bring my AirPods with me. If we're in the car and I need to cram in some work, I'll throw them in so I can blast some music and focus. Most of the time, I'm editing Reels for work, and you know how annoying repeating a five-second audio can be, so I put my AirPods in!

Travel-Sized Tissues

I ended up grabbing a couple of packs of travel-sized tissues from Target in the dollar spot on an impulse buy, and it's been a constant in my bag ever since. They've come in handy so many times--definitely a must-have essential.

Hand Sanitizing Spray

Toddlers get super messy, pretty much all the time, and for no reason sometimes. I've found that sometimes you just need a little extra on-the-go sanitation on top of a baby wipe.

Liquid Lip & Hair Essentials

You always need a lippie with you--no matter what. Choose your lippie of choice, and add that to your clear pouch! I also keep a couple of hair ties, a scrunchy, and a hair clip. Mama life always calls for a hair tie...no matter how badly you want to wear your hair down. haha!

Spare Outfit for Bentley

Mama life. Need I say more? I've been stranded out in public or away from home and Bentley has needed a change of clothes--whether from an accident or he gets his clothes dirty, you always need an outfit on hand. The second large pocket in the Canvas Original Bag Organizer comes in handy for a spare outfit and more!

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What's a must-have in your bag?!

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