A special thanks to Lovevery for gifting us this play kit in exchange for our honest opinion.

From the second we unboxed The Helper Play Kit, Bentley has been begging to play with the goodies inside. This is our first Play Kit from Lovevery and I have to tell you, it is so perfectly curated for your child’s age. The thought behind the toys and activities inside exceeded my expectations.

If you've never heard of Lovevery before, they're an age-based subscription box filled with curated play essentials your child is bound to love. They choose toys that fit perfectly in your child's developmental window, so you know that your child is benefiting from them. They offer boxes for your sweet newborn through your child's third year.

Here’s what was inside this box—The Helper Play Kit, which is for toddlers 25-27 months old--Bentley is 25 months for age reference!

Super Sustainable Sink with Bio-Based Cups & Plates

This is hands down Bentley’s favorite item from the box. He LOVES playing in the water. He’s practiced filling his cups, pouring them into each other, and “washing” his play dishes.

Drop & Match Dot Catcher

At first, we just let Bentley put the colors in where ever he wanted, but it’s such a great learning tool, too! We’ve been practicing matching our colors, and this makes it fun.

Felt Flowers in a Row

It’s cute to see Bentley sniff the felt flowers, but what’s even cuter is when he runs them over to me to give mama flowers. Melts my heart…even if they’re fake haha

Double-Sided Sunny Day Puzzle

We LOVE this puzzle. It is so unique, and we love that the same pieces are for both sides of the puzzle.

Anywhere Art Kit with Washable Tempera Paintsticks

We cannot wait to take this with us on the go-we know this will be perfect for road trips or even in restaurants!

Let’s Map It Out Routine Cards

We are huge fans of routine—I mean, when it comes to bedtime, what parent isn’t wanting to stay on routine so bedtime runs smoothly?! These cards are perfect to help with that!

Making Muffins Board Book

Once Bentley realized they were making blueberry muffins in the book, he was all into it. Blueberries are his favorite, and blueberry was his first “big” word!!

Lovevery also includes a Play Guide for those months with tips, developmental information, and even more at-home activities. If you have ever wanted to try Lovevery, I highly recommend it!

Click here to shop The Helper Play Kit or to browse the goodies Lovevery has to offer for you and your little one. Have you ever had a Lovevery box before?!

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