When it comes to packing your hospital bag, the task is always daunting. There are so many unknowns when it comes to what to actually pack, that in my opinion, I'd rather be slightly overprepared than underprepared. I know that the hospital has many things that are needed for postpartum care and for the baby, but trust me, going into this as a second-time mom, there are things I wish I had for my own comfort, things I never even touched in my hospital bag the first time, and new products I'm choosing to bring the second time around.

First up, let's dive into how hospital bags should be packed! I firmly believe you should have everything you need immediately in the delivery room packed in a separate bag. For me, it's my Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag with a ToteSavvy Original in Cotton Canvas to help me stay organized. I didn't have time to get my suitcase or all of my comfort items out before Bentley was born. I barely had enough time to grab my handbag and get into a room before he was born let alone be able to grab a suitcase or anything else.

The key is to have this bag be the bag you bring in with all of your immediate necessities for delivery, and your partner can worry about grabbing anything else from the car once you're in your room settled later on.

In my tote, I'm packing my Stanley (at this point, it's a part of me haha!), a portable neck fan, a Clipfolio that has my birth plan and will hold any papers, footprints, etc. we receive during discharge, a pacifier & paci holder, I'll have a few diapers & pack of wipes for the drive home, phone cord, and minimal makeup/beauty items in my FACE bag that will most likely end up inside my tote. These are the items that I know I'll want immediately and will help me throughout delivery.

In my suitcase, I'm trying to make things as organized as possible as well. I have a MAMA bag that has all of my comfort postpartum essentials. I'll be bringing my own peri bottle and healing foam this time. I'm not a huge fan of what was provided at my hospital, so I'd rather pack these two items for additional comfort. I'm also packing nipple butter and nipple shields because I would like to give nursing and/or pumping another try! I purposely grabbed a MAMA bag from Amazon, because this way, my husband can find exactly what I need, and there's no wasted time explaining to him where it is. I also added one pair of Frida Mom's disposable undies out of the pack, too! I don't know why, but these just feel so much fancier than the ones the hospital gives you, so I plan on using this one with a pad to go home.

My biggest mistake the first time around was bringing everything from each pack. There is no need to bring it all--bring what you'll need for 1-2 days, and that's it. I plan on a 24-hour discharge again like I had with my first, so I'm planning on leaving after 24 hours, but also mentally preparing and bringing a second comfortable loungewear outfit just in case I am required to stay 2 days.

I'm also using packing cubes in my suitcase. I have a packing cube that will be dedicated to my comfortable clothes--my pair of Cozy Earth pajamas, a loungewear set, and comfortable nursing/sleep bras.

I have another packing cube that will have my going-home outfit/family photoshoot outfit in it along with Bentley's for when he comes to meet his baby brother! I want to make sure he has something on for photos that matches our outfits, so this was the easiest way for me to do that. 

The last packing cube for myself is for shower shoes. I'll be honest, I never got the chance to shower when I was in the hospital with Bentley. Those 24 hours flew by, and after delivery, I had a mini shower with two nurses' help, so I just showered when I got home. But, better to have shower shoes and toiletries than to not have them at all.

In a packing cube for baby boy, I will have his photoshoot/announcement outfit and swaddle, going home outfit, and spare zippered footie. I wanted to get Bentley into his own clothes versus what they provided at the hospital, and I plan to do the same with baby boy as well.

In the back portion of my suitcase, I plan to put my toiletries bag, Instax Camera, and shower shoes, too. The Instax Camera was one of my favorite items I brought when Bentley was born, and the photos we took are just the cutest! I have them all in his baby book, and it was a fun way to document his first 24 hours. Of course, we also took countless photos on our phones, but there's just something about an Instax photo.

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Phew! I can finally check off packing my hospital bag from my never-ending list...with less than 3 weeks to go, it's almost baby time!

Is there anything else you'd bring/wish you brought with you?!

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