With two weeks or less to go, I'm in full-blown nesting mode as we wait for baby boy to make his much-anticipated arrival. Something that I didn't have when Bentley was born was a newborn cart, and honestly, looking back, it would have been so helpful to have. Instead, we piled everything up on our dresser, and it ended up being a mess.

This time around, we know the products we love to use on a daily basis and will need for middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes. We also don't have a nursery for baby boy yet--it's still set up for Bentley with the crib-turned-toddler bed until we're ready to transition baby boy from our room in the bassinet to the crib, so we needed to make sure we have everything we need at our fingertips in our room so we don't have to make noise getting into the spare room for random essentials.

I feel so much better going into this newborn stage, and it's truly because I'm more prepared than ever.

Here's how I organized my newborn essentials cart:

Top Shelf //

On the top shelf, I have diapers, wipes in a wipe warmer (a must-have for boy moms IMO!), Pacis in the closed container, baby's skincare, a boogie sucker, nail clippers, and a baby brush. My newborn essentials cart will be stationed right by an outlet, so it will be perfect for the wipe warmer and I added a changing pad just in case we need one!

Middle Shelf //

On the middle shelf, I used bins to organize zippered footies, onesies, and burp cloths in one, and extra bassinet sheets and Nanit wraps in the other. Extras of all of those essentials are crucial and they'll be replenished and washed daily--especially in those first few weeks.

Bottom Shelf //

On the bottom shelf, I have all things feeding and pumping essentials. I wanted to have a spot for my breast pump, nursing essentials, and self-care nursing must-haves. I'm not exactly sure how this journey will go this time around, but it's definitely something that I want to try again.

If you missed this post a few years ago, read about my journey when Bentley was first born. Breastfeeding for many reasons was not meant to be part of our journey. Mainly due to the lack of help and assistance during a global pandemic and dealing with PPD & PPA, I made the choice that formula made me a better mother for my son. I'm not putting pressure on myself this time for mental health reasons, but I'm encouraging myself to give it another shot now that my prenatal care has been a completely different journey this time, and I'm expecting my birthing and postpartum experience to be completely different as well. Always remember, fed is best, and you do what you need to do for your sweet baby.

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Having a dedicated cart for your newborn essentials will be sure to help keep you a little more organized in those early days. You will thank yourself later for prepping this cart!

Cheers to newborn life!

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