Feb 9, 2024

It's official. I'm renaming sad beige to clean beige. There's just something about having our bedroom be light, bright, and airy that is so relaxing and calming to me. It feels like I step into a luxury hotel every day and I am one hundred percent here for that.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to update our bedding on a budget and found the softest duvet cover and sheets on Amazon. I haven't bought a new duvet cover or comforter in years, so it was a $30 purchase that completely transformed the space.

If you're looking to update your space, but need to do so on a budget and can't spend money on new furniture, choose to update a lamp or your bedding, or even get a new print for a frame. Those simple, budget-friendly switches can make the biggest impact.

Another way I really updated my space was by organizing and decluttering my drawers and cabinets and I cleared my surfaces. This took my bedroom from a super lived-in environment to a retreat. Seeing the clutter (whether useful items or not) completely stressed me out, and now, I feel a sense of relief when I walk into my room because everything has a home.

Focus on small upgrades to turn your house into a home you truly love.

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What is your favorite bedroom find?

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