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This post is a true "styled" versus reality in the best way possible. In the first picture I'm all by myself--not a care in the world, when in reality, I have my sweet boy strapped to me. He's even snuggled up to me right now as I type this post. That's the reality of infant life if you want to get anything done at all.

I have to tell you, working from home with an infant doesn't make you want to dress up at all either... like at all. But ever since I started to get dressed in the mornings (okay, okay, the early afternoon), I've been feeling so much better about postpartum life and how I look postpartum.

Postpartum the second time around has been a wild ride, so embracing a casual, yet feminine style has made me feel beautiful--even when I'm just sitting at home. I know it sounds crazy to put in this amount of effort at home, but mental health has been so important to me in the past, and now, more than ever before.

I've been really into wearing my dresses from Not Perfect Linen. They're so comfortable and such an easy outfit to toss on. I've worn this black dress so many times now in the past couple of weeks, and I absolutely love it.

Besides feeling put together, there are so many ways I can style it, too. I've been pairing it with a tan mock neck top, but I've also thought that if I ever need a dressier option, a white button-down would look so cute underneath!

If you're looking to upgrade your personal style and feel good not only about what you're wearing, but how it gets made, I highly recommend checking out Not Perfect Linen. I have one more new piece to style--a pair of pants, and I cannot wait to show them to you! Stay tuned and stay classy.

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