The decluttering has continued into the laundry room! I can't tell you how happy it has made me to finally go through my home and organize each space. It's definitely a slow process because not only am I decluttering, but I'm taking every item out, cleaning, and then reorganizing the items that I am keeping.

In this process, I'm learning what items I truly love, what I hate, and what I literally never used even though I kept it for years! It's made me realize that I only need to spend money on the essentials that I truly love...even if it means those items cost a little more, because in the long run, I'll save money since I won't be buying a cheaper product I don't love as much, and ultimately, never use.

In the laundry room, my cabinet became a catch-all for sheets, laundry cleaners, detergents, lightbulbs, and seriously so many other random items that did not belong in there. As I went through everything, I decided that the basic sheets I was keeping were going to be stored in the linen closet in the boys' bathroom, seasonal sheets for our bed were stored under our bed in a pull-out container, and Bentley's sheets were stored in his closet.

Putting the sheets in their proper new homes allowed me to organize the laundry cabinet in a way that made sense and I could actually function in the space. Using stacking containers really helped me utilize the height of the cabinet. In fact, I decided to lose a shelf so that I could stack items higher and use the turntable as well, and in the end, losing a shelf gained the cabinet space.

Not going to lie, acrylic organizers have a hold on me now. haha! I have become obsessed with them, but only because they have truly helped me organize my home in a way that has transformed how I feel in my home and how it looks.

It sounds silly, but I legit don't hate doing laundry anymore. It's a peaceful little space in my home and since it's not cluttered and it's light & airy, I look forward to my warm hug from the dryer. Trust me--begin to declutter your home and start organizing each space. You will fall in love with your home the less stuff you have.

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Happy organizing, friends!

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