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One of the hardest things about postpartum is rediscovering who you are. Your body changes, your mind changes, priorities change, life itself changes…and in all this change, you begin to lose yourself…or at least who you thought you were. Thankfully moms are great at finding things—you’ll find that beautiful soul. Lost within burp cloths and onesies, but she’s there ready for life’s adventures in motherhood.

Postpartum this time around has been a lot harder on me--both mentally and physically. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have a very energetic toddler and an infant. haha! In this hard season of figuring everything out and how to survive, I've been trying to rediscover myself and my personal style. It's definitely taking me a while to figure out what that looks like, but one thing I know for sure--these pants will be a staple!

These are from Not Perfect Linen and they are so comfortable. They have a stretch waist but look polished for work. I wore this outfit for my team meeting this week and I felt so confident and beautiful. I love the slight wide leg it has, too. There are so many ways I'll be wearing these pants. I could even keep them super casual with a tee in the summertime or dress them up even further with a blazer. They are so versatile!

Be sure to check out the new arrivals from Not Perfect Linen -- I can't wait for spring & summer styles!

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