I've low-key become addicted to finding the best of the best finds on Amazon. Recently, I've been obsessed with a few beauty products, so here we go with another Fash Five: Amazon Beauty Finds edition.

One // Laneige Lip Mask

Is it just me, or is this winter extra brutal on your lips and skin, too? I feel like I've been dousing my skin and lips and moisturizers just to keep them from cracking. I've been testing this lip mask out for the past month or so, and let me tell you. It's worth it. I was so skeptical at first, but gosh, I love it and it feels luxurious, too!

Two // Croc Clips

I haven't bought new hair clips in almost ten years, so I thought that it might be finally time to get a new set. I saw these and decided to give them a try. They're non-slip, so even with my really long hair, it all stayed up and out of my face as I curled my hair.

Three // Freeman Feet

This might be the grossest, most satisfying find ever. Do your feet need a little love before springtime? Then I highly recommend trying this to get rid of any dry patches. It instantly peels and softens your feet and your dead, dry skin balls off... satisfying, but yes, absolutely disgusting. haha! I use it right before getting in the shower so I can clean off my feet a little easier.

Four // Claw Clips

Life looks differently lately with two kids, which means that my hair is pulled back most of the time. I've gotten tired of it being in a ponytail 24/7, so I've been doing cute half-pulled-back hairstyles with a claw clip!

Five // Boka Toothpaste

This toothpaste was a total aesthetic impulse buy turned new favorite toothpaste. I love how it completely cleans my teeth and leaves my breath feeling minty fresh without a weird pasty feeling after using it.

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What are your favorite beauty finds?!

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