Feb 5, 2024

 Welcome to my new series: The Fash Five. I am so excited for this series. I'll be sharing all of my favorite finds--everything from style, beauty, home, travel, and more! It will be a round-up of five of my favorite must-have items that I've been loving lately.

For my first Fash Five, I'm sharing five (well, technically eight) Amazon Travel Finds.

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One || Marc Jacobs Tote Bag and ToteSavvy Canvas Original Bag Organizer

I absolutely love my Marc Jacobs Canvas Tote bag. It was my present to myself when I switched careers--a celebration of finally quitting retail management. It became my mama tote, and it's been such a great all-purpose tote bag for me.

You know I have to organize it with a ToteSavvy Bag Organizer and I love pairing it with the Canvas Original. It has two double-wide pockets that I use for diapers, wipes, and spare clothes. It also has a cooler pocket for a bottle, key clasp, and other various-sized pockets so I can pack all of my essentials and essentials for the boys, too!

Two // Stanley Cup and Flower Straw Topper

Trust me when I say I didn't want to love the Stanley cup. I remember my Dad having a Stanley thermos growing up, but I just kept thinking...what's with all the hype all of a sudden. Well, if you don't have one, I hate to say it, but you're missing out. I use my Stanley daily, and it's helped me actually drink water now. I even brought it to the hospital when Gabriel was born. haha! It's truly become my favorite water cup--I don't even reach for any others anymore.

I also had to get cute straw covers. Call me crazy, but I'm always terrified that a spider is going to crawl into my straw at night and then I won't know it...and well, you can guess what would happen there. So, to avoid that, we get cute straw covers, okay?

Three // Pill Container

Let me tell you I'm getting old without telling you I'm getting old with two words: pill container. I feel like I can't go anywhere without allergy meds, antacids, medicine for a headache, vitamins...the list goes on and on. I've been keeping a stash of meds in my handbag now, and it's so convenient for when I'm on the go.

Four // Silicone Makeup Brush Holder and Makeup Sponge Holder

I originally got these for when I was traveling last summer and for the holidays, but they've become an everyday practical item now. I've been storing my daily five-minute makeup together in a makeup bag, and it's made it so easy for me to have everything all together in one spot now. I especially like that they are silicone, which makes them extremely easy to clean and sanitize.

Five // Key Fob Cover

This was totally an unnecessary purchase a year or so ago, and it's quickly become an all-time Amazon favorite find. You can find almost any car's key fob cover selection, and the gold and cream option is an easy and pretty way to upgrade your key fob. 

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What is your favorite Amazon travel find?

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