When I said I was decluttering my home, I meant it! Up next: my nightstand drawers. I shared on Instagram a Reel of organizing them, and honestly, it brings me so much joy to see all of my essentials so beautifully organized. I wish I had taken a photo of the before, but I got too excited to get rid of the junk that I totally forgot.

When choosing what I wanted to put in my nightstand, I chose purposeful essentials that I knew I would need at my fingertips at night. Things that I know I'm too lazy to get out of bed for (haha!) but need nearby.

In the drawer closest to me, I put my vitamins, lip masks, hand lotion, hand sanitizing wipes, Gratitude Journal, and my blue light glasses. These are must-haves and are things I reach for each night and every morning, too!

In my second drawer, I put things like hair scrunchies and clips, a small jewelry organizer, a pill container that's stocked filled with headache meds, anti-acids, etc., I have my sleep mask if I need to take a mid-day nap if I was up with Gabriel all night, extra charging cords and my travel charger, and lastly, my AirPods.

I don't necessarily need those essentials every night, but they're great to have on hand and close by should I need them.

I think what made the biggest change for me (besides getting rid of SO much junk!) was using the acrylic drawer organizers. It really helped me keep only the essentials and everything has its place now. The clutter would stress me out before, but now, opening my drawer each day doesn't stress me out.

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What are your nightstand essentials?!

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