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This year has been the year of transforming my home--both with organization and with simple changes that make a huge impact. My favorite transformations have been in our dining room and living room. Our home is open-concept, so our dining room, living room, and kitchen are all one big space. I wanted to brighten these spaces and make them more cohesive without doing any crazy DIY projects, and rugs are the easiest way to completely change a space with minimal effort.

To paint you a before picture--Our dining room had a natural jute rug that was starting to fall apart. If you know anything about natural jute, it sheds like crazy. With a toddler, baby, and cat, I couldn't stand it anymore, and one day, I randomly decided to take it up and have no rug in that space because it was better than cleaning up dirt multiple times a day from the rug.

In our living room, we had a low-pile rug that was filled with stains, flattened due to foot traffic, and felt so rough instead of soft and fluffy like it originally was. No matter what I did, I couldn't revive it. That's when I decided to turn to Pinterest to look for inspiration for my spaces to see what aesthetic I wanted.

In my search, I discovered Tumble, and I am so glad I did! Tumble is changing how we as parents (and pet parents!) can decorate our homes for the better. Tumble combines style and functionality with its spill-proof and washable rugs. They are so easy to assemble, too. Each rug includes a cushioned non-slip pad that fits together like a puzzle. These pads are so cushiony and allow for comfortable playtime with my little ones. If you're a toddler parent, you know that this is a must!

The soft, low-pile, non-toxic surface causes liquids to bead up so that you can easily wipe away messes that come your way. I no longer have to worry about accidental milk spills, spit-up, or coffee messes--I simply grab a paper towel or cleaning cloth and it wipes right up. We did a test with spaghetti sauce and my toddler for dinner the other night--it wiped right up and the little bit of sauce that got pushed into the rug came right out with a spray of stain remover! For the larger messes that might need to be washed out, all you have to do is remove the rug from the pad and toss it in the washer--it's that easy.

The rug slips into the rug pad and Tumble provides adhesive grippers for each corner so there's no curling edges, tripping, or shifting!

One of my favorite details about Tumble (besides the functionality, of course!) is that every rug has been hand illustrated creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design for your home. With seven size options and various styled rugs, you are bound to find rugs that fit your home's aesthetic while providing you with the functionality you've been searching for.

Now that I have these new rugs (Dining Room: Azra Ivory/Berry and Living Room: Olivia Ivory/Neutral)I've already started dreaming up refreshing a few other spaces in my home. Just how amazing would one of these rugs be in the playroom?! 

I hope this post has inspired you to embrace your home style and design. Be sure to check out Tumble and begin transforming your home into a functional, beautiful space.

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