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Last week, I shared about the Amazon must-have reusable starter kit from Dollar Clean Club and how I Organize Under the Kitchen Sink. I completely transformed under my kitchen sink, and now, it's time to take my favorite cleaning essentials throughout the house to give it a deep clean for spring.

First up in my minimalist spring cleaning essentials kit are my cleaners from the Dollar Clean Club. The All-Purpose & Kitchen Cleaner is a must. Not only is it great for keeping counters and cabinets clean, but I love using it on a reusable cleaning cloth and dusting with it, too. I cleaned my baseboard, window sills, and trim with a few sprays on my cleaning cloth, and it helped keep the dust from flying in the air.

Another must-have in the kit is the Glass Cleaner. I am obsessed with how it leaves my windows sparkling and streak-free all while leaving my home smelling amazing. For those areas where you want to give your home a fragrant boost, you can spray the Carpet, Fabric, and Room Deodorizer to deodorize leaving a fresh scent. I love to use this in the entryway where we store many of our shoes and the litter box is just down our entry hall. It helps keep our entryway smelling fresh and clean and disguises any lingering odors from the litter box!

When doing a whole-house clean, a powerful, non-toxic cleaner for the bathroom is essential. The Bathroom Cleaner removes soap scum and those hard-to-remove hard water stains leaving your bathroom sparkling clean as it should be. I get a mix of red clay and hard water stains in our shower and on the counters around our faucets, and the bathroom cleaner effortlessly helps break it down and clean my white showers and counters.

Last up in the Dollar Clean Club starter kit is the Foaming Dish Soap. For those never-ending dishes, it's tough on grease and grime and gentle on your hands. I love to use the Foaming Dish Soap to clean my silicone dish drain mat, too, to keep it fresh and clean.

I use a basket to keep all of my cleaning essentials in as I'm cleaning through the house. I add in my Dollar Clean Club cleaners first and then stock it filled with my favorite reusable cleaning cloths. I found myself using way too many paper towels while cleaning, so I decided to invest in reusable cleaning cloths, and these are a must-have. The waffle texture combined with Dollar Clean Club allows you to effortlessly scrub away messes.

Another essential in my cleaning kit is a scrub brush. Now, I know they're typically used for cleaning dishes, pots, and pans, but I have an extra one in my cleaning kit to help clean in hard-to-reach areas like my window and sliding glass door tracks.

Non-scratch scrubbing sponges are my go-to for dishes, of course, but also for scrubbing my sink and wiping up the counters, stove, and oven.

Last, but not least, a lint roller! After I'm finished cleaning my home, the beds are made, and the couch is styled (for the few minutes it's perfect with a toddler haha!) I go back with a lint roller to remove any lint or cat hair left behind on the pillows, couch, and blankets. It's a quick way to elevate your sparkling clean home.

I've rounded everything up below so you can shop my favorite minimalist spring cleaning essentials!
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Happy spring cleaning!

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