If you follow along on Instagram, you saw I recently posted a reel that said, “I’m trying something new with my daily routine…I stopped caring about what others think of me.”

I wanted to share this on the blog because I feel like it’s such an important reminder for all of us, but especially those of us in the trenches of motherhood and our postpartum journey.

Here’s what the caption says:
It’s honestly so freeing. Part of my postpartum healing process has been mostly about healing mentally. I’ve talked about this before—this time around has been a struggle. In my therapy sessions, I realized I was still putting so much pressure on myself to be who I thought I should be instead of who I truly am. In this, I realized people are going to like me and people are going to hate me—and for no reason, too. No matter how hard I tried.

So why waste my time and energy trying to win over people who are destined to hate me from the start? I’ve stopped caring what people think. It’s time to love on those who support you and forget about those who don’t. I heard this quote: “Don’t take criticism from people you would never go to for advice.” and that, that my friends is life-changing. So in this new routine of mine, I hope you’ll join in.

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