I've rounded up some of my favorite beauty essentials for you! These are my tried & true products that I love, love, and have used for a while, repurchase, and use pretty much daily.


I have been obsessed with It Cosmetics foundation and concealer for almost a decade now. My skin always feels healthy and glowy, and I love the buildable coverage.

I was influenced to try the Ilia mascara, and it surprised me! I love the volume my lashes get from it, and the gold lash curler is not only gorgeous, but it curls my lashes giving me the appearance of added length and volume!


The Croc clips are essential for curling my hair. They securely grip my hair and allow me to easily clip back sections to keep them out of the way!

I have been obsessed with claw clips recently. Not only are they super trendy, but they help keep some of my hair out of my face so I can still have my hair down even while embracing mom life.


The silicone brush case started out as a travel favorite, and I realized, I liked keeping my brushes and smaller makeup items like my eyeliner and brow pencil in it so that it doesn't get lost in my drawer. It keeps my drawer more organized, too.

Last up, the Nemah stretch mark cream. My stretch marks are so bad after being pregnant with Gabriel, and unfortunately, they weren't fading very much on their own like they did after Bentley was born. I turned to this stretch cream and after about a month and a half of use, I've started to notice a difference. I'll be using it religiously until these stretch marks have faded! 

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What are some of your recent beauty essentials?

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