My aesthetic and functional catch-all (aka my pretty junk drawer) has a few key essentials. Most of the time, our junk drawers end up being just that--a drawer filled to the brim with know, to the point where its contents jam the drawer shut, end up falling into the cabinet below, and then you have no idea where your favorite pen ends up...sound familiar?!

Honestly, my junk drawer was that way...until I got serious about organization and found real homes for the random items. I wanted this drawer to keep the essentials we needed and nothing more.

A few of my key essentials are cords and chargers, a rechargeable flashlight, and office essentials. This is where we keep our phone, iPad, and toy chargers. It helps keep them all in one place--especially the ones that have short cords that end up getting lost.

The Elgin Maverick rechargeable flashlight is a must-have and has become our favorite for around the house. The Elgin Maverick has five power modes so you can customize the brightness you need in your home or workspace. It has a rechargeable battery with a magnetic charging station.

Office essentials are an obvious one for a junk drawer. Pens, highlighters, tape, scissors, checkbook, etc. But in this drawer, we make it aesthetic! I keep these essentials organized in clear acrylic containers--the same ones I have in almost every drawer in my home!

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What essentials do you keep in your junk drawer?

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