As a mama of two, I feel like I'm always prepared when I need things for my little ones, but somehow, I always forget about myself. I think it's a mom thing, but you know what?! It's time we pack a little something for ourselves.

I put together a car kit pouch filled with essentials I might need when I'm on the go. The ToteSavvy Small Clear Pouch is the perfect size to fit so many essentials, but also small enough to fit in your center console or glove box so it's right there when you need it most.

Car Kit Essentials

ToteSavvy Clear Pouch //
I love, love these clear pouches. I use them for travel and packing my toiletries and makeup, and I also love them for an essentials pouch in my tote--and now, my car!

Native Mini Deodorant //
Okay, we've all been there--sometimes a reapplication is totally necessary, especially as we head into warmer months. Grab a mini deodorant (it's under three dollars!) and it will come to your rescue more than you think.

Compagine de Provence Hand Lotion //
Did someone say luxurious hand cream--but on a budget?! This hand lotion is everything you could ever want and more. It's extremely nourishing with its shea butter and coconut oil formula, it smells amazing, and it leaves your hands feeling hydrated, not greasy.

Pill Organizer //
This pill organizer is a game changer, and guess what?! You can put more than just pills in it. I load mine up with headache meds, anti-acids, and vitamins, and in the larger compartment, hair ties and bobby pins fit perfectly.

I am obsessed with this lip mask. I usually put some on at night before going to bed, but I've noticed that putting some on throughout the day has made my chapped, flaky lips feel moisturized and soft.

Aloh Hand Sanitizing Wipes //
I always have baby wipes with me, but sometimes you need a deeper sanitizing clean than a baby wipe but without the harshness of a sanitizer. Aloh wipes are super soft and gentle on your hands like a baby wipe, but they kill 99.9% of bacteria and smell delish!

Hair Scrunchy & Pearl Hair Clip //
Hair accessories are essential to every outfit--and also to mom life. Not having a hair tie is honestly a tragedy when you have long hair like I do. For those moments when you want to feel a little more polished (you know, when you walk down the Target), you can pull your hair back with pearls. So classy, am I right?!

Mini Sewing Kit //
When a fashion disaster strikes, you can quickly stitch up your clothing...or in my case, it would be stitching something of Bentley's because he ripped a hole in his shirt or there's somehow a hole in his favorite stuffed animal while we're in the car. haha!

Travel Floss //
Is anyone else constantly paranoid that they have something in their teeth? Instead of showcasing a leafy green-filled smile, use a floss pick in the car quick after lunch then go crush your next conference call, rock your messy bun and perfect teeth in the pickup line, or when you flash your pearly white smile at the cashier on your Target run!

Band-Aids //
Accidents happen--always. Somehow a little one trips and falls at the playground or you cut your hand on something completely random--a few bandaids are never a bad idea.

Tampons //
Okay ladies, stock up your car kit with tampons so you're never caught without one when you need it when you least expect it.

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What are some essentials you would keep in your car kit?

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