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My sweet baby Gabriel has officially transitioned into his nursery from our room, and it's the most bitter-sweet milestone. Was I so beyond excited to have my space back in my bedroom? Of course, I was, but gosh, those six months flew by incredibly fast. My tiny babe is doing so well in his new room, but before we transitioned him into the nursery, there were a few things we needed to do first.

We ensured all wires and cords were secured in a cord cover raceway and the dresser was secured to the wall. I also updated a few darling decor items for Gabriel since a lot stayed the same from when it was Bentley's room! I added Gabriel's ultrasound into his frame, the mobile back to the crib, and rattan decor accents to the wall. 

Even before Bentley was born, I loved the Nanit baby monitor. When I was a baby, I stopped breathing and was hooked up to breathing monitors for the first six months of my life. During my pregnancies, I had special ultrasounds and tests done to check my boy's hearts to be sure they were forming correctly, but I still wanted to add peace of mind. Nanit monitors gave me peace of mind from day one. With sensor-free breathing monitoring, sound and motion alerts, crying alerts, and high-quality video, I knew my boys would be safe as long as they had a Nanit monitor.

The breathing bands are so easy to wrap and secure and come in two different sizes for your little one's age and size. The Nanit monitors can also be accessed from anywhere. When I used to work in stores, I would pull up my Nanit app to check on Bentley on my lunch break. It's great for parents that leave throughout the day. In the app, you can also check the temperature and humidity of the room.

Taking the technology of Nanit to pure perfection, Nanit released a Sound & Light Machine that links to your Pro Camera. Living in a townhome, we utilize sound machines in every bedroom. It helps drown out any noise from the community and provides a calming and soothing sleeping atmosphere.

You can easily choose which sound option you'd like--from white noise and nature sounds to lullabies, and wake-up sounds, you're sure to find a sound right for your little one. I personally love the added light feature. You can customize the color and brightness that's right for your room. A glowy warm light is the perfect setting for us, and I turn on both the light and sound when getting Gabriel to bed. The soft glow is the perfect amount of light for any middle-of-the-night diaper changes and before-bed feedings. With a simple tap, as you're leaving the room, you can turn the light off to allow your little one to sleep soundly.

Gabriel is six months old (almost seven months--time please slow down!) and he sleeps through the night when using the Sound & Light Machine and Nanit Pro Camera.

As Gabriel gets older and starts to understand wake-up times, we will be able to customize wake-up and wind-down settings, too! One last feature I have to highlight is that it can be used to hear audio in whatever room it's in. How amazing would that be in a playroom or in a toddler's room if you don't utilize a camera in there? You'd be able to hear them and still create a little independence as they're playing on their own.

The Nanit Pro Camera and Sound & Light Machine are must-haves for my family, and I know that you will love them for your little ones, too!

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