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Transforming the playroom has taken years, but I am so excited that it’s almost finished! We changed the layout after buying a sleeper sofa and a new rug from Tumble was a must! This space is so much more than a playroom—it’s a playroom, a guest bedroom for my parents (the couch is a sleeper!), and a cozy movie room.

When choosing a rug, Tumble has the most gorgeous hand-illustrated designs, and I found a pattern that pulls the room together perfectly. The Shiraz Silver/Slate rug magically matches our couch, walls, and flooring, and I love it so much! It truly helps tie everything together into a gorgeous, versatile space by combining the silvery grey, blue, and ivory accents, and my favorite color inclusion, a warm taupe border. If you need a rug that will help combine cool and warm colors to create a cozy environment, this rug is pure perfection.

Highlighting a few of my favorite features about Tumble:

Hand-Illustrated Designs

I have been genuinely obsessed with each rug design I have selected. I'm pretty sure I've gasped in the best way after opening each box. haha! You can tell there was so much thought and attention to detail when designing the patterns and selecting color combinations.

Cushioned Pad

Not to be dramatic, but this cushioned pad has seriously changed my life. After playing on the hardwood floor with a toddler for years, having a rug now with a 1/4" cushioned pad feels like sitting on a cloud while playing on the floor! It's also super easy to assemble--like a puzzle.

Spillproof and Machine Washable

What's better than a gorgeous rug?! A spillproof and machine washable one. Tumble truly thought of it all! Spills wipe away effortlessly as liquids bead up on the surface, and any deeper, harder-to-remove stains can be treated with a stain remover and then tossed in the washing machine.

Kid & Pet Friendly

A soft, low-pile rug has been a game-changer. With little ones and our sweet girl, Lilly (our kitty cat!), the low pile, hypoallergenic rugs from Tumble help reduce the collection of pet hair and dust, and our home looks and feels cleaner.

Transforming our home with Tumble has created so much joy.

Transform your home and explore Tumble!

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